Chelsey’s Cause

“I dumped Darren,” Chelsey told her friend, Beth.

“Why?” Beth asked, surprised. “I thought you were really into him.”

“I was until I found out that he’s another one of those purple nurple nimcompoops.”

Beth’s eyes widened. “He twisted your nipples until they turned purple? I’ve heard of people doing that. Sounds very painful.” She shuddered at the thought.

“No, that’s not what I meant. Besides, he never would have gotten any access to my nipples because we never had sex or did any petting or anything like that. I’m a Christian girl and I believe in waiting until I get married to have sex. I was talking about when he and I went to Mexico for spring break with a group of friends and he tried to get me to drink a Purple Nurple but I refused. It’s a dangerous mix of alcohol created in Tijuana to lure a younger crowd into its drinking establishments during spring break. He got upset with me and called me uptight. Things got sore between us. He began to flirt with other girls so after the spring break was over and we came back, I dumped him. He was all apologetic but I didn’t pay him any mind. I was through with him. I don’t drink and I don’t want to be with a guy who drinks. So, I’m single again but I don’t mind. I’m just going to enjoy my life and concentrate on my studies.

“I’m sorry to hear about Darren but you were right to dump him. We can’t allow anyone to bully us into doing things we don’t want to do, not matter who they are.”

“The last I heard, he’s dating Veronica.”

“Veronica. She’s a party animal.”

“Yes, they’re perfect for each other. I hope, though that he doesn’t encourage her to drink a Purple Nurple. I recently read that the sweetness of the drink makes it a popular refreshment among women and it is used to seduce girls who are 18-24 years old. Also, it wasn’t known to the general public until recently that a side effect of mass consumption of this beverage was intoxication to the point of delusional truthfulness. And this is why the United States has used Purple Nurples as an interrogation technique.”

“That doesn’t seem morally right to me.”

“It isn’t. Anyway, I’m thinking of doing something to raise awareness about the dangers of the Purple Nurple drink and warning high-school and college and university students, especially the girls, not to have it when they go to Tijuana.”

“That’s a great idea! Let me know how I can help.”

“I definitely will. Thanks, Beth.”

Two weeks later, Chelsey was going to different high schools, colleges and universities to talk about Purple Nurple drinks, warning girls and young women, in particular to be careful. She warned all of the students about binge drinking which was spring break’s greatest danger. Beth handed out information for students to share with their parents. “Don’t let this spring break be your last,” Chelsey urged. “Be safe, be sober and be smart.”

Chelsey’s cause soon became viral and she was invited to speak to educational institutions every year before spring break and her blog had over a million hits. A year ago, she met and fell in love with Alan, a lawyer who had lost his brother to binge drinking. They dated for a while and then got married. Beth was her maid of honor.

The last she heard of Darren, he had been incarcerated because of an alcohol-related crime. And Veronica was no longer a party animal after she had a close call with death. She became a regular contributor to Chelsey’s blog, giving advice on how to party safely.

Source: Wiki; Forbes; Better Health Channel; Alcohol Rehab Guide

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