One Woman’s Junk…

“What’s all this kitsch?” Neville demanded.

“What’s kitsch?” Annabel asked.

“Worthless, trashy art.”

“Is that what you think?” she asked, offended.  “You think this ceramic figurine of a puppy with sad eyes and this velvet Elvis painting are worthless and trashy?”

“Frankly, yes.”

“Well, for your information, I just sold the sad puppy figurine for a hundred pounds and the Elvis painting for forty-five hundred pounds.”

Neville was flabbergasted.  

69 Words






This was written for the Weekend Writing Prompt by Sammi Cox. For instructions, click Here.

Sources:; Etsy



12 thoughts on “One Woman’s Junk…

    1. Dear Rochelle,

      Yes, I guess so. I’m with Neville and you too. I can’t imagine spending any money on either of those items. Fortunately, for her, some people would and she’s richer for it.



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