All Work…

The dream was so real, it scared me. In it another woman was kissing my man and he wasn’t resisting. I couldn’t go back to sleep. I lay there in the dark, staring up at the ceiling. Tyrell was lying next to me, fast asleep. I don’t know how long I stayed awake but I must have drifted off somehow because when I awoke bright sunshine was streaming through the windows.

I was alone in bed. Tyrell must have gone out. It was Sunday so, he was off running errands before heading to the gym. I guess I would have to wait until later to tell him about the dream.

I showered and had a very light breakfast. I was just getting ready to go to the study to do some work when my best friend, LaShonda called. She invited me to have lunch with her. I accepted. I could tell her about the dream and see what she thought about it. After I hung up from her, I went into the study to do some work and when it was eleven, I signed off my laptop, changed and headed down to the restaurant where I was supposed to meet LaShonda.

Soon after we gave the waiter our orders, I told her about the dream. “What do you think it means?” I asked her. “It felt so real. I’m scared. Do you think Tyrell is cheating or going to cheat on me?”

“No. I don’t think so. I’ve known him for a very long time, actually, longer than I’ve known you and he’s not a cheater. All the women he has dated will attest to that.”

“Do you think he’s going to leave me for another woman then?”

“You remember the last time we spoke, you said that your new job was keeping you very busy. You worked overtime and on the weekends. It was taking up a lot of your time. I asked if it was affecting your relationship with Tyrell. You told me that you and he weren’t spending much time together. You got home after seven and after dinner, you went into the study to do more work. It sounds like you’re neglecting Tyrell. The job is consuming all of your time and attention. Maybe the dream is a warning to put your marriage first or you could end up losing him. There are other women out there who would snap him up in no time. He’s a good man and gorgeous too. Don’t throw away what you have for a job. Cut out the overtime and the weekend hours. Go back to working your regular 9 to 5 hours. And what you don’t get done on one day, you’ll get done on the next. Psalm 127:2 says, ‘It is no use for you to get up early and stay up late, working for a living. The Lord gives sleep to those he loves’. It’s fine to be hard-working but God never intended for any of us to overwork. It isn’t worth the trouble it causes. And, Sondra, if you continue like this, you won’t have any time for God either. Little by little, that relationship will suffer too.”

I sighed. “You’re right. I’ve allowed my job to come between Tyrell and me. I love him, LaShondra. I can’t lose him over a job. I could be working my butt off and they could decide one day to lay me off. And where would I be? Jobless and divorced because my man had had enough of being second fiddle to my career.”

“I don’t think it would come to that but if you should end up losing your job, at least you will still have Tyrell.”

“Thanks, LaShondra.”

“Don’t thank me only. Thank God for the dream. It was a wake up call for you.”

“Yes, it was. As of tomorrow, I will stop working at exactly five. What isn’t done will just have to wait until Tuesday.”

“That’s more like it. After we’re through here, I’d like us to go to the Grand Bazaar on the Upper West Side. I hear that they go all out every Sunday.”

Over mouth-watering Indian cuisine, we talked about other things and after dessert, we headed for one of New York City’s oldest and largest marketplaces where we spent hours just browsing. LaShondra bought a Tibetan singing bowl while I bought a beautiful coral necklace at at Himalayan Arts & Treasures Inc. We both bought tee shirts for our men at Handprint NYC. LaShonda got the one with the mermaid on it for her husband and I got the one with the words, New Upper West Side York printed on it for Tyrell. I hope he likes it.

It was after four by the time I got home. After slipping off my shoes and putting my handbag down and keys down on the table in the foyer, I headed for the bedroom. Tyrell was home. I could hear him in the bedroom. When I had gotten up that morning, he was gone. It was Sunday, the day on which he usually went to the gym.

I was surprised to find him shirtless. My eyes ran eagerly over his gorgeous body. “Hi, Baby,” I said. I wanted to walk up to him and run my hands over his smooth dark skin but his expression wasn’t encouraging at all. He looked upset about something. “What’s wrong?” I asked, my heart sinking.

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“Sondra, where have you been?” he demanded.

“I went to Manhattan to meet LaShondra for lunch and then afterwards, we went to the Grand Bazaar on the Upper West Side.”

“I tried calling you but your cell was off.”

“I–I had it turned off while LaShonda and I were in the restaurant and I guess I forgot to turn it back on. What’s the matter, Tyrell?”

“We were supposed to go to the Ain’t Too Proud matinee show at 3pm today.”

I stared at him, horrified. I had completely forgotten about the Matinee. He had told me about it a week ago and I had promised that I would go if he got the tickets. “Oh, Baby, I’m so sorry. I didn’t remember.”

His mouth tightened. “Why doesn’t that surprise me? If it had something to do with your work, you would have remembered, right?”

“Baby, I’m so sorry. I was in a bad state this morning when I got up. You see, I-I had this terrible dream. It really scared me.”

“What was it about?”

I told him. “I was scared because it seemed so real, Tyrell.”

He sighed. “Sondra, you should know by now that I would never cheat on you because I love you.”

“Yes, I do but I was afraid that I would lose you to another woman because I have been neglecting you and our relationship because of my job.”

“Yes, your job seems more important to you than our marriage.”

“I swear to you, it isn’t. And I’m going to make it up to you, Baby, I promise. No more coming home late during the week and working on the weekends. From now one, it’s going to be last it used to be before I got this job. I would rather lose it than you.”

He put his hands on my shoulders. “I don’t want you to lose your job, Baby.”

“I know. I’m sorry about the matinee. I’ll get tickets for this coming Saturday. We can go for dinner at six and then to the show at 8. How does that sound to you?”

“It sounds great.”

“Can we kiss now and make up?”

He smiled. “Of course. Make up sex is the best.”

I didn’t answer. Instead, I ran my hands possessively over his body before wrapping my arms around his waist as he lowered his head and kissed me.

Posted for February 2021 Writing Prompts – #2 – Little by little

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4 thoughts on “All Work…

    1. I’m happy you found the story interesting and insightful. You’re welcome, Ade. BTW – I’ve been watching Prithvi Vallabh, the series which you recommended. I’m currently on episode 15. Very engaging series. The visual quality is excellent. Thanks for telling me about it, Ade πŸ™‚


      1. Yayyy!!! πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒIt is fun when I can share a work of art I find so exciting and intriguing with others. Episode 15…hmmm… That must where Prithvi is disguising as a Dacoit kidnapper to protect Mrinal….
        I hope I haven’t “spoiled” anything.πŸ€—

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No, you didn’t spoil anything. I knew that it was Prithvi in disguise when he rescued Mrinal. Only he would do that. I guess he’s still enamored with her eyes. I like Prithvi. He’s her match. And I like her brother although I don’t like that he’s cheating on his wife but I’m not a fan of hers. I’m watching episode 15 now.


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