Angie Comes Clean

“Start talking, Angela.”

Whenever he called her by her full name, he was angry. “Amy told the truth. I’m not really pregnant.”

He fought hard to remain calm. “So, your pregnancy is a fake one.”

“Yes. I didn’t mean to lie to you, Paul. Honest.”

“You made me believe that you were pregnant, Angela when you knew that you weren’t. What would you call that?”

“I really thought I was pregnant because the condom broke and I missed my period. I was praying that I was so that you would marry me. My period came late but I couldn’t tell you that because we were married. I tried to get pregnant for real but you wouldn’t touch me after a while and when we had sex, you always withdrew. I had to continue to pretend that I was pregnant. I didn’t want to because it was affecting our marriage but I was afraid of losing you.”

“So, what would have happened when it was time for you to give birth?”

“I would have faked an accident and have a miscarriage or something before then.”

“And you don’t think the doctor would know the difference between a fake miscarriage and a real one?”

“I–I wasn’t thinking that far ahead.”

He dragged his fingers through his hair. He felt like strangling her. Not for the first time he wished he had never gotten involved with her. It had been a huge mistake. “You lied to me and you lied to your family.”

“I didn’t mean to.”

“If Amy hadn’t spilled the beans you would have continued the charade until your fake miscarriage. How could you be so bloody devious, Angela?”

“I didn’t do it to hurt you, Paul. I love you so much and I was so afraid of losing you that I had to do something.”

“Like fake a pregnancy.”

“Yes, but if we were still having sex and you didn’t withdraw, it’s possible that I could have gotten pregnant for real.”

“Well, you didn’t get pregnant for real and you’re not going to–at least, not by me.”

She stared at him. “What do you mean?”

“It’s over.”

“What’s over?”

“This joke of a marriage.”

Her face turned white as a sheet. She ran over to him and grabbed his arm. “Paul, please don’t go. Please.”

Grimacing, he removed her hand from his arm and walked out of the living-room. She ran after him, trying to stop him but he pushed her away. “Don’t try and stop me,” he muttered angrily as he walked over to the closet and took out an overnight bag. “I’m leaving you and this marriage.”

She sank down on the bed, devastated and watched as he quickly threw his things into the bag. Her heart was racing. Her eyes were brimming with tears. This couldn’t be happening. Her worst nightmare had come true. Paul was leaving her. What was she going to do? It was pointless begging him to stay. “Paul, please don’t leave me. Let’s talk–“

“Let’s talk about what?” he demanded. “Let’s talk about how you lied to me about being pregnant?”

“Do you think it has been easy for me?” she demanded tearfully. “Do you know how hard it is to love someone who doesn’t love me back?”

“I shouldn’t have married you because I thought you were pregnant. That’s never a good reason for two people to get married.”

“You would have left me to raise our child alone?”

“If there was a child, I would have attended some of the doctor’s appointments with you and supported you in whatever way I could. I would have provided for you and the child but I wouldn’t have married you.”

“But that means that our child would have been born out of wedlock.”

“There is no child, remember?”

“But if there had been, he or she would have been illegitimate.”

“He or she would have had my name and co-parenting would have been an option.”

“You would have preferred that than instead of marrying me?”

“It doesn’t matter now. We got married because I believed that a baby was on the way and now that there isn’t going to be a baby, we’re through.”

“You’re going to divorce me?”

“I’m going to have this marriage annulled because it was entered into under fraud.”

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“Paul, please don’t do this.”

“I want this bloody marriage annulled and I’m going to get it annulled,” he informed her bluntly. He closed his bag and zipped it shut before hoisting it off the bed. He walked out of the bedroom.

She jumped to her feet and ran after him. “What am I going to tell Mom, Dad and the rest of my family?”

“Tell them the truth.”

“I can’t,” she wailed.

“Maybe you could get Amy to do it for you. Goodbye, Angie.” He opened the door and walked out of the apartment.

Angie leaned against the door before sinking to the floor. A low moan emitted from her throat before the tears spilled down her ashen cheeks. It was over. She had lost him.

This is the sequel to Amy Spills the Beans.

Source: Get Ordained; Toronto;

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