The Rabbi’s Son

“Stop yelling, Simon.” Mrs. Katz urged her husband.  “The whole neighborhood can hear you.”

“Do you know what your son has done?”

“Funny how he’s my son when he does something you don’t like.  What have you done now, Isaac?”

“I’ve joined a rock band.”

“Did you hear that?  He’s joined a rock band.”

“Why, Isaac?” Mrs. Katz asked.

“He’s doing it to upset me, why else?”

“That’s not true, Papa.”

“What about being a Rabbi?” Mrs. Katz asked.

“I can be a singing Rabbi like Shlomo Carlebach—”

“Don’t mention that man’s name in this house!” Mr. Katz thundered.

100 Words

Shlomo Carlebach was a Jewish rabbi, religious teacher, spiritual leader, composer and singer nicknamed, “the singing rabbi.” After his death, numerous accusations of sexual abuse were made against him.

This post is for the Friday’s Fictioneers hosted by  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  You can find this week’s prompt here. To read other stories or to participate, click here.


  1. Dear Adele,

    I had no idea about the accusations against Shlomo Carlbach. How disturbing after the beautiful songs he’s written. Good story ala Jazz Singer 😉 Danny Thomas, Al Jolson and Neil Diamond would be pleased.



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    • Dear Rochelle,

      I just came across an article by someone who also was unaware of these allegations. It’s a shame. Thanks 🙂 Am thrilled that you liked the story and I’m thankful to hear that those three great men would be pleased.



  2. Ugh, I followed the link on schlomo and understand why his father is aghast. What a horrible stain on musicians when one goes bad. I hope the kid follows his dreams but stays far from pedophilia.

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    • I read that the whispers became so loud that even his daughter couldn’t deny them. A You don’t have to worry about him becoming a sexual predator/pedophile. The love of music is the only thing they would have in common. Perhaps, like Sholom Carlebach he will use his music to reach out to Jews of all backgrounds.

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    • Some parents wouldn’t mind what their children choose to do with their lives as long as they are not involved in criminal activities. And some would let their children live their own lives and are just there to encourage and support them. While others cannot let go, especially when they believe that their children’s choices are wrong like the father in this story.

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  3. Oh my, parents deciding the way a child should travel on his journey can be disappointing.
    He could outgrow the phase but it would be futile to fight the issue since young adults always do
    what they want despite how much a parent will gripe. Nice stroy …
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Be Safe … Isadora 😎

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you, Isadora. As my mother used to say, you make the child but you don’t make the mind. Young people will do what they want to do. All parents can do is to advise them and hope and pray for that everything will turn out well. Thanks. Am happy you liked the story. You have yourself a wonderful weekend too and be safe.


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    • You’re so right about that. It’s important for the parent to let the child grow up and make their own choices and mistakes. It’s the only way for them to learn and mature. The best thing for the parents to do is to pray, advise, encourage and support. I’m happy you enjoyed my story, Penny 🙂

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