Salome and Aslan

We are on our honeymoon. I still can’t believe it. We met last year in my senior year when he came to my school to talk about the flying future. He was a Chinese-American businessman, the CEO of a large and prestigious company which I thought was pretty cool for a guy who was only 29.

It was fascinating hearing him talk about the Challenges and Strategies Toward Future Adoption of the flying car. He addressed concerns about how these kinds of cars will undermine democracy and the environment.

I’m not interested in cars but I was very interested in what he was saying. He was well-spoken and explained things so clearly.

My friend, Andrea and I were sitting in the first row of seats in the auditorium. Halfway through the presentation, she whispered to me, “He’s very good-looking, isn’t he?”

“Yes,” I readily agreed. Was he single? I hoped so. I sat there, rapt and after the presentation, Andrea and I went over to him. We waited patiently until we were alone with him. Up close, he was extremely good-looking.

He smiled at us and I was pleased to notice that his gaze lingered on me. “Hello,” he said.

We both said hello.

“We really enjoyed your presentation,” Andrea told him.

“Thank you. What are your names?”

“Oh. I’m Andrea and this is my best friend, Salome.”

“I’m pleased to meet you both.” He shook our hands although he held mine longer.

“We’re pleased to meet you too,” Andrea said and then, she suddenly excused herself and hurried off, leaving me alone with him.

He looked at me, an amused expression on his face. “I guess your friend was in a hurry to get somewhere.”

“Yes,” I replied, sounding a little breathless. “I guess so. May I have one of your handouts?” I asked.

“Which one?”

I pointed to the one entitled, The Future of Travel: Flying Cars.

He gave it to me. “Here’s my card. If you have any questions or need more information, you can give me a call.”

I smiled shyly up at him. “Thank you.”

Just then, other students joined us so we couldn’t talk anymore. Disappointed, I went away.

Andrea was waiting for me at the entrance to the auditorium. “Why did you leave us?” I asked her.

She grinned. “I could see that he wanted to be alone with you. It was so obvious, Salome that he liked you.”

I felt rather pleased to hear that. “I asked him for a handout which he gave me and he gave me his business card.”

“He gave you his business card. And what else?”

“He told me to call him if I had any questions or needed more information.”

“He wants you to call him, so call him.”

My heart skipped a beat at the thought. “You think I should call him?”


“And what do I say?”

“You’ll think of something. Call him tomorrow or the next day but call him.”

“All right.” I decided that I would call him the following day. We went to our History class but my mind was elsewhere.

The following day, after school was over, I called him on my cell. My heart was beating so fast because I was nervous and excited at the same time. “Hello, Salome.” He sounded very pleased to hear from me.

“Hello, Mr. Ngang.”

“Please call me, Aslan. It’s good to hear from you. I was hoping that you would call.”

“You were?”

“Yes. I would like to see you again. How about having dinner with me on Saturday evening?”

I almost dropped my cell phone. “Sure,” was all I could say.

“Good. Give me your address.”

I gave it to him. We spoke for a while and then he had to go because he had a meeting. I walked home, dazed. As soon as I got to my room, I called Andrea and told her. She squealed, almost deafening me. We talked excitedly about where he might be taking me for dinner, what I was going to wear and if he was going to ask me on another date.

I wore a dark red dress with cap sleeves and a flare skirt. No makeup. A pair of pearl drop earrings was the only piece of jewelry I wore. I could tell that my date liked what he saw from his admiring glances at me. He looked gorgeous in the charcoal grey suit and black silk shirt, no tie. As we walked into the restaurant, I saw several women looking at him and that made me feel great.

Over a Mediterranean cuisine, we got to know more about each other. Like me, he was an only child. His father was an Aerospace Engineer and his mother was a professor of Biochemistry. They lived in Ottawa. He moved from there to Toronto after graduating from university. He had a girlfriend while attending university but they broke up shortly before his move to Toronto. Currently, he wasn’t dating anyone. I wasn’t embarrassed to tell him that I never had a boyfriend. It wasn’t that guys didn’t find me attractive or that I was fussy but I just never met a boy I was really interested in.

We had a wonderful time enjoying the food and each other’s company. I felt so relaxed with him. When he took me home, he asked me on another date. After our second date, we officially became a couple. Then, before the end of the year, he asked me to marry him. I burst into tears and my answer was a vigorous nod of my head. My parents didn’t object as long as I still planned on attending university.

Aslan and I got married in the summer. It was a big and fancy wedding. His parents flew in from Ottawa. I met them during spring break when Aslan and I went to Ottawa for a week. They were really nice and they made me feel like I was already a member of their family. Aslan and I stayed with them in separate bedrooms.

Aslan and I have kissed many times but we haven’t had sex. We wanted to wait until we were on our honeymoon. After we left the wedding, we caught a night flight to Athens and then another flight from Athens to Santorini. We weren’t tired because we had slept on the first flight. We were anxious to get to our hotel. After we checked in, we went up to our suite. After, he opened the door, Aslan carried me in. The porter looked amused. He congratulated us in English and left, pleased with the tip Aslan gave him.

It was a beautiful suite with a view of the sea. I went into the bathroom to freshen up and to when I returned to the room, wearing only my bra and underwear, Aslan was lying in the bed, wearing just his underwear. My breath caught in my throat. He looked so sexy and I couldn’t get over what a gorgeous body he had. I couldn’t wait to run my hands over his chest, torso, arms and legs.

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“Come here,” he muttered.

I hurried over to him and he reached up and pulled me down so that I was lying on top of him. And we were kissing, both of us excited and nervous about our first time. I broke off our kiss to remove what little I had on while he pulled off his underwear. My mouth went dry when I saw how much he wanted me.

He pulled me down on top of him and his hands held my head snugly between them as his mouth moved hungrily on mine. Against my leg, I could feel his arousal. We exchanged wild kisses for a while and then, he rolled over so that I was lying on my back, staring up at him.

I closed my eyes as he kissed my neck, my chest, teased my nipples with his tongue before dragging his mouth down my stomach and lower…I felt as if my head would explode from the exquisite pleasure which permeated through my body, making me shake uncontrollably against him.

Breathing harshly, he gripped my legs and parted them. And then, he was inside me. The pain was brief and I clung to his arms as we made sweet, wonderful love.

Posted for January 2021 Writing Prompts – #10 – The flying future

Sources: Frontiers; Center for American Progress; Independent; LRO Staffing; Brides;

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