All These Years…

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“When can I see you again?” Darren asked after he pulled on his shirt.

“Any time you want,” Livia told him. She still couldn’t believe that he was here in her bedroom and that they had just finished making love. Her body still tingled all over. She tried not to think about Judi and how she would feel if she were in her place. All she knew was that Darren was attracted to her. She discovered that tonight.

He went over to her. “You know, I’ve never enjoyed lovemaking as much as I did with you tonight.”

“I enjoyed it very much too.”

“I didn’t realize that this was your first time.”

“Are you surprised?” She guessed it must be surprising to him that a woman in her thirties was still a virgin. Was being the operative word. She was thrilled that he was her first. And he was going to be her last. She couldn’t give herself to another man.

He nodded. “Yes. As I said, a sexy woman like you. Any man in his right mind would jump at the chance to be with you.”

“I dated but I never slept with any of the men I dated. I didn’t want to. I-I guess I was saving myself for that special man.”

He pulled her against him. “I hope that I’m that special man, Livia. Although it surprises me, it also thrills me to know I’m the first man you’ve been with.”

She put her arms around his waist, her eyes meeting his. How she longed to tell him that she loved him. “I’m surprised that you even wanted to be with me.”

His eyebrows rose. “Why?”

“Well, for one thing, I’m not your type.”

“You’re exactly my type–sexy, smart.”

“That’s not what Simone told me.”

“Simone? What exactly did she tell you?”

“She knew that I was into you but she told me to forget it because I wasn’t your type.”

“Hmmm. She told me the same thing about you. She knew that I was interested in you but she told me not to waste my time trying because you weren’t into guys like me.”

“Guys like you?”

“Yes, light-skinned, light eyes, wavy hair–you know, the not quite black type.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“That’s what she said. And when I saw the kind of black guys you were interacting with, I figured she was right.”

“I always thought that you weren’t into women with my complexion and that’s why you were always dating light-skinned black, white or Hispanic girls.”

“I only dated them because I couldn’t date you. You’re the one I wanted to date. You’re the one I wanted to take to the school dances and the prom. I wanted to walk you home. I wanted so much to ask you out when we were in high-school and when we were in university but I didn’t want to make a fool of myself.”

“Is that why you hardly talked to me or hung around me?”

“Yes. You have no idea how hard it was for me to act as if I wasn’t interested in you when I was.”

“Oh, if only we hadn’t listened to Simone, you and I could have been dating since high-school.”


“That Simone. Why do you think she lied to both of us–making us think that we didn’t have a chance with each other?”

“I have no idea. What she did was malicious, though.”

“Maybe, she did it because she had thing for you too.”

“I don’t know what the reason was but, the stage was set for her production. You and I were the puppets and she was the puppeteer.”

“I have a good mind to invite her over for dinner one evening and serve her a plate of pathetic.”

“Forget about her. Let’s talk about us.”

“What about us?”

“I want us to continue seeing each other.”

“What about Judi?”

“I will end my relationship with her.”


“I’m going to Paris on business next week. Can you get away?”

“It so happens that I’m due for a vacation soon. I can take it next week.”

“Good. I’ve never been to Paris before.”

“Nor have I.”

“So, we will experience it for the first time together.”

“I can’t wait.” Who better to see the City of Love than with the man whom you loved?

“I have to leave now. I’ll call you.” He lowered his head and kissed her. Then, he released her to tuck his shirt into his pants.

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She followed him into the foyer. “Good night.”

“Good night.” He smiled and winked at her before leaving the flat. She watched him walk down the corridor to the lifts, waited until one came, waved at him and then went back inside her flat.

She closed the door and leaned against it. The whole night felt so surreal. And Paris. In a week, she would be in one of the most romantic cities with Darren. She could just imagine them, walking through the streets, holding hands. Or looking up at the Eiffel Tower or taking a stroll along the banks of the Siene River or visiting the Louvre. She moved away from the door. She had to sort out her clothes in case she needed to buy new things for the trip.

All these years wasted, she fumed as she got ready for bed. How could Simone do such an underhanded thing? She was supposed to be her friend. She had a good mind to call her and give her hell for what she had done but she decided not to. Best to forget about it. Life was way too short to be holding grudges. Maybe she should just unfriend or unfollow Simone on Facebook. She would think about it. For now, she would occupy herself with more important things such as getting ready for her trip to Paris with Darren.

Posted for December 2020 Writing Prompts – #6 – The stage was set; #20 – A plate of pathetic

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