Jesus is Willing

I see God’s love manifested through Jesus’ healing of the leper.

Leprosy was a terrible disease.  It disfigured people and made them outcasts in their communities. A person with leprosy had to tear his clothes and put a covering upon his upper lip and cry, “unclean, unclean.” They were rejected and avoided.  No one wanted to be near them for fear of catching the disease.  Lepers couldn’t be with their families and friends.  How lonely and painful life must have been for them.

One of the most touching accounts in the Bible is found in Matthew 8.  A crowd was following Jesus when He came down from the mountain where He had preached the beatitudes and taught other valuable lessons.  A leper went up to Him and worshipped Him, saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.”

The leper believed that Jesus could heal him.  It’s heartbreaking that he says that if Jesus was willing, He would make him clean.  Is God willing to heal us?  Is He willing to make us well?  Is He willing to grant us what we ask of Him in faith?  Yes! 

Before Jesus answered, He reached out and touched the man.  That was how willing He was to heal him.    Lepers were unclean.  No one wanted to touch them.  Jesus could have spoken the words, “I am willing; be cleansed” without touching him.  Instead, He touched him and then said the words.  How must that man have felt when Jesus touched him?  Immediately, his leprosy was  cleansed. 

Love reaches out.  Love makes contact.  How good it is when we are held and hugged.  Nothing beats physical touch.  Love felt is even more precious than love professed.  The man was touched by the love of Christ.  Afterwards, Jesus told him what to do regarding the law of Moses for lepers who are healed.

Jesus didn’t see us the way others do.  He sees us through eyes of love and compassion. He sees people who are hurting, suffering and in need of His healing.  The leper wanted to be cleansed so he went to the One who could do it.  Whatever your need is, simply go to Jesus.  He is not only willing to help you but He is able to.

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