Clarissa Threatens to Leave

Joss Tyler Whitley II (nicknamed JT) was standing in front of the mirror, fixing his tie.  He studied his reflection.  His thick dark brown hair brushed against the back of his shirt collar.  He needed a haircut, he mused. 

Just then, Clarissa walked in.  She was a very beautiful woman with her healthy complexion, dark brown hair and hazel eyes.  He was quite taken with her when they first met at her family’s annual Spring ball.  They courted for a while and then he married her.  They had two children.  Their married life had been idyllic until he bought Sadie. 

His desire for the fair Clarissa evaporated and he no longer went to her bed.  They slept in separate rooms.  His unabashed sexual desire for the slave girl repulsed her.  And it also aroused fierce jealousy. How she hated the wretched girl and wished that she would meet with a fatal accident.

“I need a word with you, JT,” she said to him now.

He turned to face her, his blue eyes narrowing when he saw the expression on her face.

“What hold does that slave girl have over you?”

“Don’t talk foolish, woman.  No darkie could ever have a hold over me.”

Prove it then.”

“What do you mean?”

“Get rid of her.”

“What do you mean get rid of her?”

Sell her.  She’s young and healthy.  She’ll fetch you a very good price.”

“No.  I’m not going to sell her.”

“Then give her to one of the slaves and let him breed her.”

“No!  I will not let any of the darkies or the other men mate with her.”

“You refuse to sell her and you refuse to give her to another slave.  What is to be done with her, then?”


Nothing?” she cried, angrily, distressed.  “So, things are just going to continue as they are?”

“Yes.  And just remember that this is my plantation and I will run it as I see fit, do you hear?”

“Well, you have a choice to make, JT.  It’s either her or me.”

“Careful, woman.  You know I don’t take kindly to ultimatums.”

“I mean it, JT.  I’m not going to stay here and continue to be humiliated because you can’t control your lust.  If you don’t do something about that girl, I will take the children and leave.”

“And where are you going to go?”

“To my father’s house.”

“I have to be away on business.  We’ll discuss the matter further when I return.”  He walked past her and out of the bedroom.

“Don’t count on the children and me being here when you return, JT,” she cried.


He mounted and rode her as if she were his black filly.  She squeezed her eyes shut and tried to detach her mind from what was happening even as her body succumbed.  His moans and feral cries filled the cabin. It had been like this ever since she arrived at the plantation.  She was 15 when he bought her and began having sexual relations with her.  She was 17 now. 

She knew the Mistress hated her and wanted him to get rid of her but he refused to.  “I’ll never sell you, Sadie.  Never.” he told her.  “And if you run away, I’ll search high and low until I find you.  I’ll bring you back here and give you a whipping you won’t soon forget.”

She never attempted to run away.  Fear kept her there. 

When it was over, she opened her eyes.  He got off her and stood up, his naked body glistening with perspiration.  He watched her as he got dressed.  “I’ll be away on business,” he informed her.  “Don’t think of running away while I’m gone.”

She got up and put on her clothes.  “No, Massa.  I ain’t gon run way.”

“Good.  And I don’t want you getting all friendly like with any of the male slaves.  You belong to me.  If I find out that you’ve been with one of them, I’ll shoot him.  And then, I’ll whip your pretty little hide.  Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Massa.  I swear, I ain’t gon go with none o’ dem.”

He smiled.  “Good girl.  Now get back to your work.  I’ll see you in a few days.”

She scurried out of the cabin.

Just to be sure, he would have his foreman, Bill, keep an eye on her.  

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Clarissa watched the wretched girl run from the cabin and then JT leave several minutes later. She had watched them and it had sickened her. How she wished she had a shotgun to blow them both to smithereens–her husband and his black whore. How could he prefer that black wretch to her, his wife? Ever since that girl came to the plantation, he no longer performed his husbandly duties. She wouldn’t have wanted him to be with her, anyhow, not after he had been with that girl.

The mere thought made her want to throw up. He had never been so–so passionate with her. It was almost animalistic in nature. It made her insanely jealous that someone so base could arouse such desires in her husband.

He could deny it until he was blue in the face, it was painfully obvious to her that the girl had some sort of hold over him. Why else would he refuse to sell her or give her to another slave? His reaction to her suggestion about having another slave breed her was such that it shocked her. It was one of jealousy. It was if he couldn’t bear the thought of the slave girl being ravished by someone else. For him to be jealous, it meant that he had feelings for the girl. Clarissa pressed her hand against her lips to stifle the sob which rose to her throat. How she wished she hated him. How she wished she had the guts to make good on her threat to leave him.

When he came back from his trip, she and the children would still be there.

6 Replies to “Clarissa Threatens to Leave”

  1. The reasons why animals like JT existed and unfortunately still exist is because their wives blame the women. Not the man who buys a girl and subjects her to sexual slavery.
    If all the wives revolted and said no to slavery or at least sexual slavery, the “men” will be forced to be humane.

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    1. Yes. The victim, the oppressed are always blamed. And you’re right. The wives could have done something. This is no different from when they wanted to fight for women’s rights. What about the rights of slaves, especially the slave women who were subjected to rape, concubinage and other atrocities?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly! Imagine being doubly oppressed by the “husband” and then by the wife who isn’t woman enough to recognise the pain of another woman and fight for them both. Oh well. We can only do what we can and hope others do what is right too.

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      2. If people would put themselves in the shoes of the oppressed, things would be so different. The women were blinded by prejudice and jealousy. It’s like a movie I watched where the mother was jealous of the daughter because her husband, the girl’s father, was having relations with her. Instead of protecting her daughter from being sexually abused, she was angry and jealous.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. *Gasp* That isn’t a mother, if a mama 🐻 would kill anything that comes close to her cubs. As for the daughter: poor baby.
        She doesn’t have parents.
        Unfortunately, this is a common story.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes, a true mother would fiercely protect her child. As I also recall, the girl’s younger sister was angry and resentful too and it was no doubt because she was influenced by the mother. So, the abused girl had no one to protect her. She was on her own.


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