Freely Yours

“Go into the bedroom and look on the bed,” he told her.


He smiled. “Go and see for yourself.”

She left the living-room and went into the bedroom. On the bed lay the most beautiful and expensive looking fur coat she had ever seen. She ran her fingers along it, thinking how thick and soft the fur felt.

She picked it up and put it on. Going to the full length mirror in the hallway outside the bedroom, she looked at her reflection. It was knee length. It felt nice and warm. She wrapped it around her and held one of the lapels against her cheek. It was a beautiful coat but…

He looked towards the hallway, anxiously watching and waiting for her to appear. Did she like the coat? It was more expensive than he thought but she was worth every penny. He loved buying her gifts. It was his way of expressing his deep love for her.

A couple of weeks ago, he bought her the saturated blue pear-shaped drop earrings which she wore last night to the opera, much to his delight. They drew many admiring looks from the women present. No doubt they were envious and wished that their husbands would buy them such expensive gifts.

He had never bought expensive gifts for Jee. Jee wasn’t into jewelry and lingerie. She wasn’t into fashion and she had let herself go soon after they got married. Perhaps, she figured that since she had the man, she didn’t have to bother with sprucing herself up anymore. Quite a few of his married friends used to complain about how their wives had let themselves go. A couple of those marriages ended in divorce.

In his defense, though, that wasn’t the reason why his marriage to Jee had fallen apart. He just wasn’t happy and that was before he met Kecia. Meeting her gave him the determination and courage to end an unhappy marriage. And now he was a divorced but very happy man.

Finally, Kecia walked into the living-room, wearing the coat. “Do you like it?” he asked. Like everything else, it looked great on her.

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“It’s beautiful,” she said. The fur felt soft and warm against her skin. “I like it, but you didn’t have to keep buying expensive things for me. You don’t have to buy my love. It’s freely yours.”

“I wasn’t trying to buy your love,” he said. “Buying you gifts is another way of expressing my love for you.”

She went over to him. “No more expensive gifts,” she said. “Your love is the best and most precious gift I have. I don’t want or need anything else.” She removed the coat. It fell at her feet. And there she stood, stark naked.

He groaned and pulled her roughly against him. His mouth found hers and feverishly devoured it. The next day, he returned the fur coat.

Posted for November 2020 Writing Prompts – #21 – Saturated blue; 14 – In his defense

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