Laird Calls Martina

Laird was on his way to have lunch with Embeth, his friend, the gallery owner and artist when he ran into old friend and retired judge, Gordon Camidge.

“Oh, hello, Old Chap.”

“Hello, Gordon.”

“How are things with you?”

“Fine, thank you.  How are you?  How are Rachel, the kids and grandkids?”

“Oh, fine, fine.  We’re all doing fine.”

“You seem to be in a very cheerful mood.”

“Oh, yes, yes.  I just came from La bonne Touche. That’s French for The Right Touch.  It’s run by Jacques and his wife, Simone.  Jolly nice couple.  I go there once a month.  Martina is my masseuse.  She’s marvelous.  She’s definitely got the right touch.  You should try the place.  It’s a bit expensive but it’s well worth the money.”

He remembered the foot massage Martina had given him on the night of their first date.  Intense desire coursed through his body like an inferno, making him shudder when he remembered what had transpired afterwards.  “Maybe, I’ll check it out.”

“Yes.  Nothing like a good massage to drive away the stress.  And you, my dear Chap, must be under a lot of stress.”    

Was it that obvious?  “I guess I am.”

“Well, it’s to be expected, I suppose with your career.  I’ve never had much use for Politics.  Too polarizing, I think.”

“You’re retired now, aren’t you?”

“Yes, yes, I am.  Last year.  Rachel and I went on a cruise.  It was splendid, splendid.  Next month, we’re flying to Nassau for our grand-son’s wedding. Rachel’s grand-niece is in baby bliss. She and her husband welcomed their third child into the world yesterday.”

“Wow. This is all very good news.”

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

“No wedding bells?”

“Um, no.”

“You mean not yet.  A fine young chap like you should be thinking of settling down soon.  I said the same thing to Martina.  She’s such a lovely young woman.  I can’t believe that she isn’t married as yet.  I told her that I hoped the next time I see her that she’d tell me that she had a young man.”

“I-I met Martina about two years ago at the East India Club.  And then, I saw her again at a restaurant bar with a man.”

“As far as I know she doesn’t have a fellow.  She did mention a friend—I think he’s from Nigeria.  She said that he recently got engaged.”

Laird’s heart began to beat faster.  “Have you ever seen her with this friend?”

“No, but she showed me a photo of him and his fiancée on her phone.”

“Could you describe him to me?”

“Sure. He’s tall, has a beard and looks a lot like that fellow—the chap who played Nelson Mandela in the movie, Long Walk to Freedom.”

“Idris Elba?”

“Yes, yes, that’s him.  The fellow looked like him.”

“And-and she seemed happy that he’s getting married?”

“Oh, yes, yes.  She was extremely happy.  She’s going to be a bridesmaid, she said.  I told her that I hope that one day she would be the bride.  She smiled but I thought I saw a look of sadness on her face.”

“Maybe the sadness was because of her friend.”

“No, no.  I’m sure of it.  If her sadness has to do with a fellow, I’d stake my life that it isn’t him.  Oh, my.  Look at the time.  I had better be going.  I’m supposed to be meeting Rachel for lunch. She doesn’t like it when I’m late.  It was nice running into you, my dear Chap.  I hope Rachel and I will have the pleasure of seeing you again.”

“Yes.  Please give her my warmest regards.”

They shook hands and then parted.  Laird stood there for several minutes, his mind whirling.  Then, he whipped out his cell phone.  She answered right away.  “Hi,” he said.  “Are you free this evening?”

“Of course, I’m free.”

“All right.  I’ll come by your place around 7:30.”

“All right.  I’ll be waiting.”

“I’ll see you then.  Goodbye.”

“Goodbye.” Martina hung up the phone. After weeks of no contact, she was finally going to see him that evening.  Excitement and dread filled her.  Was he coming over to confront her about Steven or to tell her that their relationship was over?  She couldn’t tell from the exchange they just had.  He didn’t sound angry or upset.  That gave her some hope.  She wished she could have told him how much she missed him and how good it was to hear his voice but he ended the call before she could.  Perhaps, he was in hurry to get somewhere.

When he came, she had to make sure that she had something for him to eat in case he was hungry. She got up from the chair and went into the kitchen to see what she could prepare.

Posted for November 2020 Writing Prompts – #19 – Baby bliss

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