The Lord’s Promises

The Lord’s promises are pure, like silver refined in a furnace, purified seven times over (Psalm 12:6)

I can always count on the Lord to keep His promises.  When I was looking for a church, He promised that He would help me to find one.  And He did.  He had promised to take care of Mom and me while we were in New York when I expressed my misgivings about going.  This was after the 911 incident so I had a phobia about going to New York.  He wanted me to go with Mom to her brother’s funeral and I knew better than to say no to Him.  He had promised that He wouldn’t let anything happen to us.  He didn’t. 

My mother was suffering from arthritis in both knees and one day He made this promise, “Let not your heart be troubled.  The Lord your God will take care of you.  The pain will pass.”  Not long after that she had an operation to have knee replacements.  The pain was gone.  God took care of her.  He stopped her suffering.

The Lord’s promises are as good as His Word.  They are given with the guarantee of being carried out. 

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