Slow to Act

Photo by J Hardy Carroll

They found her unconscious on the floor of the girls’ locker room.  She had taken an entire bottle of antidepressants.  She was rushed to the hospital.  Parents, students and neighbors rallied around her family.  Neighbors prayed and kept a vigil. 

People were outraged and demanded to know why the school had been so slow in responding to Lily’s allegations against Principal Moore.  Why did it have to take a suicide attempt and other girls coming forward for the school board to finally act?

Principal Moore was fired, arrested and charged with sexual misconduct. Lily’s parents sued the school and won.

100 Words

This post is for the Friday’s Fictioneers hosted by  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  You can find this week’s prompt Here. To read other stories or to participate, click Here.

27 Replies to “Slow to Act”

      1. Alas, that is true all too often. Even as we also need to be heartened by the fact that more perpetrators ARE brought to justice and that many young persons will no longer tolerate systemic abuse. Lots more work to do, though.

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  1. Dear Adele,

    It’s sad that Lily went to such drastic measures. I’m sure she felt she had not other alternatives. How could she fight the system? Glad it all came out in the open. Who knows how many other girls were victimized by that monster. There, you’ve got my blood boiling. Good job!



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    1. Dear Rochelle,

      Yes, it is. It was probably the last resort because she felt that it was hopeless trying to fight the system. Yes, things done in secret have a way of eventually coming out in the open. I’m thankful that the story got such a reaction from you. Thanks.



  2. Dreadful things some adults do to the children in their care. I read this week about the Pricipal who abused and raped hundreds of girls and boys, yet no-one believed the children’s stories when they had the courage to report ti the police.

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    1. Yes, it is. What a horrific story you read. I can’t understand why they didn’t believe the children. This is why there are so many unreported incidents. The victims fear that they wouldn’t be believed.


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