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They’d gone too far this time.  The charity bin was busted.  Angry tears filled her eyes.  What would they do next?  Throw bricks through the windows?  Set fire to the orphanage?  Ban her from their businesses?  They treated her like a pariah because she was Protestant and refused to send her older daughter to the Catholic school.  And Joe was caving into Father O’Connor instead of standing with her.  Brie was their daughter, not the priest’s.  Her schooling was their business, not the priest’s.  Well, tomorrow, she was leaving Joe and this wretched town and taking the girls with her.

100 Words

This was inspired by a true story of an Irish couple “who were torn apart by religious strife amid the events in Co Wexford which led to the Fethard boycott”. He was a Catholic and he married a Protestant woman, and the problems begin when she begins to resent being forced to educate her daughter in a Catholic school.

Yesterday, I watched the movie, A Love Divided which is based on the couple’s story and it was a very disturbing and sobering to see how hate and prejudice exists among those who claim that they are acting on behalf of their faith and their church. The towns people boycotted businesses and resorted to violence. This continued until the Bishop intervened for the sake of the church. In the end, the husband stood up to the church and both he and his wife decided to home school their girls. I was so disgusted by the bullying of the priest and how the rest of the people just went along with his intolerance and persecution.

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31 Replies to “Divided”

  1. Wow, Adele, well told! I was so caught up in the character’s turmoil, I found myself wishing for more of a resolution so your providing the historical background was greatly helpful.

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    1. I used to think that Ireland was a predominantly Catholic country but like England, there is a mixture of the different denominations. It’s sad that there was such a divide in the community. It was like watching a civil war. My father was Anglican and my mother Catholic. My sisters and I were raised in the Catholic faith, although we went to my father’s church on special occasions like Christmas and Easter. I think it is still required for a couple to have their children raised Catholic if one of them is Catholic.

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      1. They aren’t believers if they behave worse than the “heathens”. When you don’t have love you mistreat people. And since God is Love, then it’s safe to say if you can’t love others — over a difference in “religion” or whatever reason — then you are ungodly.

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  2. I can’t even imagine wanting to have anything to do with a religion with such uncharitable practices. It’s no wonder so many kids have been victimized by priests. In some circles they are looked at as gods, but in practice are anything but! I’m glad the wife had the strength to resist that kind of pressure. The real God must have been with her every step of the way. Powerful story that really had me opening my eyes when you said it was a true story.

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    1. Yes, I watched the movie and was appalled by what this woman went through because she wanted to do what she felt was best for her own daughter. God gave her the courage to stand up to the church. Sadly, the Christian religion has been misrepresented and maligned by many who claim to be serving God.

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      1. You are so right. Every person who inspired a religion (e.g. Jesus, Gautama (?), Shiva (?), Mohammad (sp?), Confucius) were pure but have been twisted to serve ill-intented humans who have used it to control masses to do unspeakable evils.


    1. Thanks for liking the story, Linda. It was a tough one to write. And you’re right. God is love and hate is something He would never condone no matter the reason or logic people use for it. I’m just thankful that the real couple were reconciled and that the husband stood up for what was right.

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    1. Yes, it is how families, communities, etc can be torn apart. The story had a happy ending although life in the town wasn’t quite the same. It was good that the husband eventually stood up for his family.

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