Heart to Heart

“I saw Wen earlier today.”


“It was after lunch and I was on my way back to the office when I saw her come out of the bookstore. I wasn’t sure if I should say hello or not.”

“And what did you end up doing?”

“Well, as I stood there trying to figure out what to do, she saw me.”


“I went over and said hello.”

“And what kind of reception did you get?”

“I’m surprised I didn’t get frostbite.”

“It will take a while for her to get over the hurt.”

“I don’t know if she ever will. When I told her that I was sorry, she nearly bit my head off.”

“Sometimes saying you’re sorry only makes things worse.”

“You’re right. And as far as forgiving me, she said she never will. I’m a cheater so I don’t deserve any absolution.”

“She’s right. You were cheating. It was her physically in bed with you but it wasn’t her whom you were making love to.”

He turned to face her. “No. It was you I was making love to.”

“Does she know that?”

“Yes. She couldn’t believe that we are in a relationship. We’re supposed to be just friends.”

“Well, we were friends but my feelings for you were never platonic. I liked Wen but I was jealous of her. It was tough seeing you two together. I was dreading the day when you got married.”

“Would you have come to the wedding?”

“I guess so. It would have looked strange if I didn’t.”

“And would you have brought Barry as your date?”


“I’m glad you’re not with him.”

“And, although I feel sorry for Wen, I’m glad that you’re not with her.”

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“Marrying her would have been a mistake. I didn’t love her.”

“It must be so tough loving someone who doesn’t love you the way you love them.” She got up from the sofa and walked over to the window. “I know what it feels like. For years I have been in love with you but you didn’t feel the same way.”

He quickly crossed the carpet and taking her by the shoulders, he turned her around to face him. “Things have changed between us now.”

“Yes. I know you are sexually attracted to me.”

“It’s much more than sexual attraction that I feel for you, Clare. It’s love.”

Her heart skipped a beat. “Love?”

“Yes,” he muttered. “I have fallen in love with you. I don’t know exactly when it happened but I realized it the night at the party when I saw you with another man. I was jealous and scared.”


“Yes. I was scared of losing you.”

“That’s how I felt when you told me on that cold winter morning that you were going to ask Wen to marry you. It’s a day I will never forget. I smiled and hugged you but my heart was breaking. I wished you a lifetime of happiness and God’s blessings but deep down inside I wanted to die.”

“Oh, Clare,” he muttered. “I had no idea.”

She smiled wistfully. “You weren’t supposed to.”

“I hope I can make up for all the hurt and heartache I’ve caused you over the years. How could I have been so blind? Why couldn’t I see your love?”

“You weren’t looking and I guess I had gotten really good at hiding it.”


“It’s okay. It’s all in the past.”

“Let’s go away for a week.”

“Go away?”

“Yes. Take a trip.”


“Somewhere tropical.”

“Curaçao. It’s one of the pretty places I have always wanted to visit.”

“That’s where we’ll go then.”


“Whenever you like.” He released her shoulders and picked her up. “While you’re thinking about when you’d like us to go to Curaçao, I can think of something else we can do in the meantime.”

Laughing, she put her arms around his neck as he carried her to his bedroom.

Posted for September 2020 Writing Prompts – #29 – Pretty places

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