Clare Goes to Tae

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The following evening she went to Tae’s flat. Her heart was pounding. She was so nervous. After taking a deep breath, she rang the bell and waited, praying that he was home. He was. She heard the safety latch being drawn back and then moments later, she was staring up at him. His expression was guarded as he returned her gaze.



“I hope you don’t mind me dropping by like this.”

“No, I don’t mind.” He stepped aside for her to go in.

“I needed to see you.”

“Let’s go into the living-room,” he suggested.

She followed him into the spacious and elegant living-room. She sat down on the sofa while he sat in the accent chair opposite. “After what you said to me last night, I had to see you.”

“What time did Barry and you leave the party?”

“We left around mid-night.”

“So, have you made your second date with him?”

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“Tae, I didn’t come here to talk about Barry. I came to talk about what you said to me.”

“You know when I saw you with Barry, I was out of my mind with jealousy.”

“Now, you know how I felt whenever I saw you with Wen.”

“Well, Wen’s out of the picture now. Can we say the same thing about Barry?”

“Yes. I’m not going to see him anymore.”

“Why not? You said that he was a really nice guy.”

“Yes, he is but he isn’t the one I want to be with.”

“Whom do you want to be with, Clare?”

You, Tae. It has always been you.”

He got up and went over to her. He reached down and pulled her to her feet. His eyes were filled with desire as they raked her face. “Oh, Clare,” he groaned before his mouth found hers. They exchanged passionate kisses for several minutes before he picked her up and carried her to his room. She ended up spending the night.

Posted for September 2020 Writing Prompts – #10 – Soft spoken secrets

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