Amy Spills the Beans

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PHOTO PROMPT © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

“Paul, today’s Mom’s birthday.  Can we stop here and get her a little something?”

“Sure.  I’ll wait here.”

Angie went into the gift shop and began to browse for something her mother might like. 

“Hello, Angie.”

“Hello, Amy.”

“What are you here to buy?”

“A birthday gift for my mother.”

“How is she?”


“How is Paul?”

“Fine.  I’ll take this shawl.”

“How’s married life?”


“Did you put on weight?”

“My change, Amy.”

Angie, I can’t believe you’re going through with it.”

“Going through with what?”

Angie started.  “Paul!”

“Going through with what, Amy?” he insisted.

“The fake pregnancy.”

100 Words

Just recently, I read online that some women fake pregnancies for all sorts of reasons–one of which is to prevent their boyfriends from leaving them and to marry them instead. Others do it for pranks/gags with the help of a website called which provides fake sonograms and ultrasounds.

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  1. I’ve read this two or three times but I’m not clear who’s doing what here. However, the concept of women faking pregnancies for whatever reasons is always an intriguing one. The fact that an industry is springing up around this is quite chilling really.

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    • Thanks for commenting, Sandra. I apologize for the confusion/lack of clarity. Angie is the one buying the gift for her mother. Amy is the salesgirl/friend. Paul, Angie’s husband was waiting in the car and walks in just as Amy marvels that Angie is actually going through with the fake pregnancy. You’re right, it is a chilling industry which profits off of the misfortune of others, i.e. the men who believe that they are fathers when they are not.

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      • Ah! What puzzled me was the prompt and meek admission. I could see myself very quickly crafting an elaborate fabrication and in fact several alternatives have already sprung to mind… Not, of course that I’d ever find myself in that position in the first place. 🙂

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  2. Adele, Seems like a betrayal in a series of forthcoming betrayals. I blame Paul as well for the boat they’re in if it takes a fake pregnancy to commit to a relationship that’s already begun.

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    • Actually, Dora, I wrote the first prequel to this story but posted this one first. In the prequel, Paul married her because he believed that she was pregnant. Angie suspects that he isn’t in love with her and feared that one of these days he would end their relationship. This was her way of hanging on. I can’t believe that people would resort to such drastic measures to hold on to someone or to stay in a relationship. It’s sad and frightening when you think about it.

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  3. I’ve known of more than a few cases where a woman gets pregnant by someone else and tries to pass the baby off as another man’s child, or outright is pregnant when she meets another man and he accepts the other man’s baby as his own. This idea of faking a pregnancy to scare/obligate a man to marry and that there are websites to help facilitate it are a troubling sign of the times. I like the way you kept what the conversation was about a mystery until the end.

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    • They fake pregnancies for other reasons too. Sometimes they do it as a gag which their husbands, relatives don’t find funny at all. And it’s especially for those women who have miscarried or had still born babies or lost their children in other ways. It’s tasteless to say the least and very troubling. I doubt that Paul will stay. He only married her because he believed that she was pregnant. And sometimes when someone betrays another’s trust, it’s hard for them to regain it if they ever do. No one should stoop to trickery to hold on to someone. If the relationship is meant to be it will be.

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  4. Good story, Adele.
    I did not get it until i read the comments (I can be so naive). The line, “Did you put on weight?” is one I would not have thought to use.
    Since at least three persons know of Angie’s attempt at deceit, does her character survive the foolish charade?

    You reminded me of a story I must tell when the prompt is right. 🙂

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    • Thanks, Bill 🙂 This one was a tough one to write in 100 words or less. Maybe I should have used another line but of course, at the time, nothing else came to mind. The charade is over and so is the marriage. Paul has no reason to stay married to her now that the truth has come out that he’s not going to be a father because there is no baby.

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  5. I read this twice to make sure i understood, and I did, this is insane that there is an industry for this sort of thing. Just last weekend my friend was telling me his wife is having a phantom pregnancy, slightly different but really confusing all the same. Must be terrible for a girl to go through…

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    • I never knew until recently that this kind of industry exists. I also read about Phantom pregnancy also known as a false pregnancy. The clinical term is pseudocyesis. It’s an uncommon condition that causes a woman to believe she’s pregnant. She’ll even have many classic symptoms of pregnancy. But this isn’t related to a miscarriage. It must be terrible for women to go through this. My heart goes out to them. Then, you have women who know that they are not pregnant but fake it for whatever reason. Maybe one of these days I might do a post on Phantom pregnancy.

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