Dessert Anyone?

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“Don’t you wish any of those cakes, Eloise? They look so good. I think I’ll try the lemon one.”

Eloise shook her head. “No thank you. I don’t eat raw cakes.”

Charlotte stared at her. “Did you say raw cakes?”


“What exactly are raw cakes?”

“They are wheat, gluten, egg, dairy, soy and refined sugar free.”

“But isn’t that good?”

“It is if you’re a vegan and don’t mind consuming desserts which are very high in calories and saturated fats.”

“How could they be high in any of those things?”

“Let me educate you on Raw cake realities. While they contain healthy ingredients such as fruit and nuts and may be higher in fibre, vitamins and minerals than the more conventional sweets as I mentioned before they are high in calories and saturated fat because they are usually made with a lot of dried fruit, nuts and seeds with coconut oil which raises your bad cholesterol.”

“So, are you saying that raw cakes are not good for you?”

“Many people swear by them, especially those who are health conscious but I personally prefer to stick to the traditional desserts. And as far as a raw food diet is concerned, you don’t need to follow one in order to be healthy or lose weight.”

“But these cakes look so good. Would it really hurt me to try one?”

“Well, you can try the lemon one if you must.”

“I will.” Charlotte took up a plate and eagerly cut herself a small slice of the raw vegan lemon cheesecake, her mouth watering at the mere sight of it. She sliced her fork through it and put a piece in her mouth. “Hmmm. This is really, really good.”

“I guess there’s no harm in indulging yourself now and then,” Eloise said.

“Since you won’t have any of the raw deserts, what about the regular ones? They’re over there.”

“No, thank you. I think I will have a slice of that fruit pizza.”

Charlotte made a face as she watched her as she cut herself a slice of the pizza. Fruit just didn’t belong on a pizza. She left her to her unnatural choice and went out on the patio to enjoy her raw cake. Maybe she would take home a slice of the raw carrot cake. That looked really good too.

Posted for August 2020 Writing Prompts – #18 – Raw cake realities

Sources: Professional Nutrition Services; Lady Wimbledon;

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