Nick and I

United we fell–“

“Don’t you mean united we fall?” Reena asked.

“No, I mean united we fell.”

“It has always been united we fall.”

“I know but for Nick and me, it has always been, united we fell. When we first got married, we had to deal with his overbearing mother who was always criticizing everything I did and my large Italian family. We had to juggle work and college. People kept telling us that we were crazy to get married so young. His mother thought I was pregnant and that’s why he married me. My parents wanted us to move in with them until we finished college and got full-time jobs. So that Nick’s mother wouldn’t get upset if we stayed at my parents, we stayed at his brother’s but his girlfriend and I didn’t get along. We fought and Nick’s brother said we had to leave.

We stayed at my cousin’s place until we graduated, found jobs and our own place. It felt great to be on our own for the first time since we got married. Nick got a great job with a good salary. I worked at a publishing company. Then, I got pregnant and after we had our first child, I decided that I would be a stay-at home Mom. Of course, I was criticized for that. Nick’s mother thought I was at sitting at home, watching TV all day. Nick was always defending me and many times he and his mother fell out. I felt guilty about it but he told me not to blame myself. My mother was always telling me that if things didn’t work out between Nick and me, the baby and I were welcome to move back home. My mother didn’t particularly like Nick. She always thought Dennis was a better match for me. Dennis was the guy I used to date before I met and fell in love with Nick. The last I heard, Dennis was in the Philippines.

And then a couple of years ago, Nick’s parents decided to move to Florida. They were tired of the Canadian winters. I was happy to see her go. I like Nick’s father. He was always nice to me. So, since they moved to Florida, we don’t see much of them. And as far as my mother is concerned, I warned her that if she says another word about me leaving Nick and me and the baby moving in with her and Dad, Nick, the baby and I will leave Canada and she will never see us again. So, you see, Nick and I have always had each other’s back. We’ve been through a lot together but we are the more stronger for it. Our marriage is solid. And our love for each other has deepened. Nick and I are a team. We are a force to be reckoned with. We are and will always be a united front.”

“You know something, Lucy? You have put a whole new perspective on unity in marriage.”

“In the words of Albus Dumbledore, Unity in marriage can be the difference between strength and weakness!”

Posted for August 2020 Writing Prompts – #28 – United we fell

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