Judging Jasmine

Jasmine rolled her eyes.  “Really, Mom?  You’re playing that video again.  This is the third time.  How many times are we going to have to listen to the sounds of the alphabet?”

“It’s the same video you used to love when you were Bobby’s age.  You couldn’t get enough of it.”

“I find that very hard to believe.  It’s really annoying.”

“If you don’t want to hear it, go outside in the backyard or on the patio or down in the basement.  I’m not going to deprive your little brother of what makes him happy just because you can’t stand it. I think you’re being selfish.”

“Fine!”  She got up from the divan and stormed out of the living-room.

Her mother shook her head.  “Teenagers.  They can be so selfish sometimes.”

Her husband chuckled.  “You were a teenager once.”

“Yes, but I wasn’t like her.  I didn’t have a problem with Annie watching her favorite video over and over.  It made her happy and that was good enough for me.  I wish Jas was more like me when I was her age.   My mother always said that I was a well-adapted teenager.  No dramas.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t say the same about Annie.  She was a terror until she went to university.”

“When it comes to teens, not all size fits all.  Jas is Jas.  There’s nothing wrong with her.  She’s smart, she works hard in school.  She doesn’t smoke, drink or do drugs.  And she said that she’s going to wait until she’s married before she has sex.  I’m very proud of her.  And I don’t think she was being selfish because she was tired of hearing the video.  You and I are used to it so it doesn’t bother us.  Don’t be so hard on her.  She’s a good kid.  Cut her some slack.”

His wife considered what he said.  Hours later after she had put Bobby down for his nap, she went down to the basement where Jasmine was.  She was sitting cross legged on the sofa, watching television.

Her mother sat down beside her.  She placed a bowl of Jalapeno flavored potato chips between them.  “What are you watching?”


“Oh, I love that show.”

Jasmine gaped at her.  “You do?” she sounded incredulous.

“Yes.  I use to watch it religiously when I was pregnant with you.  While your Dad was watching his shows upstairs, I would come down here and watch while binging on a bowl of Jalapeno potato chips.”

“Wow.  I never would have guessed.”

“I’m not a stick in the mud, you know.”  A pause.  “I’m sorry about the remark I made about you being selfish.  You’re not.”

“And I’m sorry for blowing my top about the video.”

“It’s okay.  I can understand how hearing the same thing over and over can be annoying.”

Jasmine smiled and grabbed a few potato chips.  “So who do you think is hotter, Sam or Dean?”

“Sam, hands down.”

Jasmine giggled and gave her mother a high-five.

Posted for July 2020 Writing Prompts – #30 – Sounds of the alphabet

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