No More Plasma TV

“You have a plasma TV, right?”

Had.  I got rid of it.”

“How come?”

“Too many issues.”

“What sort of issues?”

“One issue is the screen reflection.  When I’m watching the News or a movie or a program, I don’t want to see me or the room reflected on the screen.  It’s extremely annoying and very distracting. It’s especially horrendous during the day when you have lots of natural light coming into the room.  Plasma TVs consume more power.  My electricity bill was a nightmare.  Then, there’s the screen burn.”

“What’s that?”

“It’s when you may see a ghostly image left on the screen when you switch it off.  This happens if you leave a static image on the screen for too long. Usually, it fades after a while but I have a buddy whose panel was permanently damaged from what you call a burn-in.  And then you have the phosphor trails.”

“What are those?”

“They’re green trails or flashes which show up when you’re playing computer games or in some movie scenes, especially the black and white movies.”

“They sound awful.”

“They are.”

“I thought that plasma TVs were no longer on the market even though I heard they are still selling in China.”

“I don’t think they will be selling in China for much longer. In 2013 and 2014 Panasonic, LG and Samsung discontinued their production of plasma TV. You can say that the killer of plasma TVs was the competition from the low-cost LCDs.”

“Thanks, Ben.  I was thinking of getting a plasma TV for my grandmother through Amazon or Ebay but I won’t bother now.  I won’t hear the end of it if she has any the problems you mentioned with it.  I’ll get her a toaster or a microwave or something.”

“Good call.”

Posted for July 2020 Writing Prompts – #11 – Killer of Plasma TVs

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