Friends With Benefits

I am having lunch with my friend, Millie. After a little chit chat, she asks me about Mark.

“We’re friends with benefits.”

“What on earth does that mean?”

“It means that he and I are friends who are there for each other in every way.”

“What do you mean in every way?”

“I mean sex.”

“You’re friends and you have sex with each other?”


“Having sex with a guy who’s your friend sounds so dull–like bread and butter instead of Beluga Caviar served with buttered toast points, topped with a dollop of crème fraiche which is how I would describe sex with Don.”

“Well, bread and butter never tasted so good.”

“So how long have you been sex friends?”

“Since we watched that movie No Strings Attached. We looked at each other and said, why not?”

“I guess there’s no harm in that but what happens when you or he meet someone?”

I shrug. “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

“Has it ever occurred to you that you might fall in love with him or he with you?”


“I saw No Strings Attached too and as far as I can remember, the two friends end up falling in love with each other.”

“We both agreed that we would end our arrangement if things got complicated.”

“And what about your friendship?”

“We’ll still be friends but we just won’t be friends with benefits any more.”

“Well, to each his own. I’m happy that my life isn’t so complicated. Shall we do lunch again?”

“Sure. Just give me a call. Say hello to Don.”

“I will.”


“So, I had lunch with Millie today.”

“How is she?”

“She’s doing well. She asked about you.”

“Did you tell her about us?”


“And what did she think?”

“She was surprised. And she wondered what would happen when we met other people?”

“I haven’t thought about that.”

“Neither have I.”

“Do you know why I haven’t thought about meeting someone?”

“No, why haven’t you?”

“Because I don’t want to meet someone.”

“Why not?”

“Do you want me to tell you or to show you?”

“Show me?”

“Yes.” He pulls me into his arms and kisses me. “That’s why!” he mutters when he raises his head.

I gawk at him.

“Haven’t you figured it out?”

“Figured what out?”

“That I’m in love with you, Rania.”

My first thought was that Millie was right. She had said that one of us might fall in love with the other. My next thought, which was actually a realization, was that I’m in love with him too. “I feel the same way about you,” I murmur.

He smiles, making my heart flutter. Then, he picks me up and carries me to the bedroom. A year later, we tie the knot.

Posted for July 2020 Writing Prompts – #24 – Bread and butter never tasted so good

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