“I heard you just wrote a book.”

“Yes. Two Hands are All I’ve Got.”

“What do you know about fighting in war, Mister, seeing that you hid behind your religion when the time came for you to defend your country?”

“I know more about war than you think, young man.”

“I doubt that. Have you ever run across a field and see your buddies blown to bits or lay in muddy or snowed covered or rat infested trenches to protect yourself from the enemy? What about thinking each letter you write to your girl or to your family will be the last one? No, Mister, you don’t have any idea of what it’s like to be fight in a war. You’ve got your head in the clouds.”

“The war you fought in is over but my war is still raging and it will continue to rage until the day I die.”

“What war are you talking about?”

“A spiritual war. It all began in Heaven of all places and now it’s here on earth. I don’t fight with a gun like you and your fellow soldiers did. I fight with this Good Book.”

“The Bible?”

“Yes. It tells us that we have an enemy who is waging war against us and how we can defeat him. We can’t do it ourselves but we have a Champion who will give us the victory we need to win this war. All we have to do is to stand up and be strong and brave just as you and your fellow soldiers were. My book is about my own battles–the defeats and the victories. “

“Why did you call it Two Hands are All I’ve Got?”

“Two hands are all I’ve got but they are all I need to pray for others, to worship and to work.”

“May I have a copy of your book?”

“Sure. I happen to have one right here.”

“How much is it?”

“This copy is complimentary.”

“Thanks, Mister.”

“Don’t mention it.” He watched the young man walk away. Another soul to pray for.

Posted for July 2020 Writing Prompts – #20 – Two Hands are All I’ve Got

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