Tobias Gives Into Puah

“Puah, we can’t be alone any more.”

“Why not?” she asked. “Is it because of what almost happened between us last night?”

“Yes. I almost kissed you.”

I knew it, she thought, gleefully. Her exultation was short-lived when she saw the expression on his face. “So, what if we kissed?”

He sighed. “Kissing can lead to other things, Puah.”

“Like love-making.” She moved closer, her heart pounding like crazy. “That’s what it would be for you and me–love-making not sex. People who don’t care about each other can have sex.”

A muscle began to throb along his jawline and his breath quickened. “We shouldn’t be having this conversation,” he muttered tightly. His arms were folded tightly as he struggled to keep his emotions in check. It was tough. He tried not let his gaze go lower than her upturned face but he was painfully aware of her bare midriff and legs. And the way she was looking at him…

“If I were in my twenties, would we be kissing right now?” she asked. He looked so good in the striped tee shirt and white pants. She loved the way his arms bulged. Her mouth went dry as she tried to picture how he would look without the shirt on.

Stop looking at me like that.” She was practically undressing him with her eyes.

“How am I looking at you?”

“Like you want to rip my clothes off.” His hands were at his sides now, clenched.

“I do.”

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“Puah…” Her admission shocked and excited him at the same time. The sexual tension between them was palpable. He should send her away now before…before…

“What are you doing?” he demanded. His heart lurched, when she reached out and pulled his shirt out of his pants. He gulped when she raised it up and pressed her lips against his bare skin, making him shudder. “Stop it,” he protested weakly, his chest heaving. Her lips felt so good–too good. He reached up and grasping her head, he tugged it backward so that she was gazing up into his flushed face. His eyes burning with desire, met hers, before his head swooped down and his mouth was moving ferociously on hers.

Puah put her arms around his waist and kissed him back wildly. She had dreamt and fantasized about this for such a long, long time. Please don’t let the phone or doorbell ring.

Still kissing her, Tobias picked her up and carried her into his bedroom. He carried her over to the bed and set her down. He broke off the kiss to quickly undress and then with slightly trembling hands, he removed her clothes. It was her first time so he had to take his time. It wasn’t going to be easy because he wanted her so badly. He drew back the covers and they climbed in. She lay on her back and he on his side. He lowered his head and kissed her. She responded eagerly. She wasn’t nervous at all. This was the moment she had been waiting for.

She opened her eyes when Tobias broke off the kiss but they fell shut again when she felt his lips moving down her heaving bosom and across her stomach. She moaned and writhed against him. Her fingers were buried in his hair, the nails digging into the scalp.

The sounds she was making inflamed Tobias and he reached into the bedside table drawer for a condom. She watched wide-eyed as he put it on. With supreme effort, he took his time and entered her. She gasped and dug her nails into his back until the pain subsided. Then, she clung to him as waves of indescribable pleasure washed over her.

As Tobias made love to her, he knew in his heart that it was over between Yasma and him. It had only been the age difference which had kept him from pursuing a relationship with Puah. And now it didn’t matter to him anymore. Puah was the one he was in love with–the one he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Yes, it had always been Puah…

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