Claudia’s Catch

“Excuse me, do you work here?” this really good looking guy asked me after I finished helping a woman to find a book for her grand-daughter in the Children’s Books section and was in the Toys section.

“Yes, I do,” I replied. “How may help you?”

“Yes. I’m trying to figure out which one I should get for my two year old niece.” He showed me Sprouts and Sprites Lucy Lamb and Tilly the Tuna. Which of these would you recommend?”

“I would go with Lucy Lamb. I bought one for my god-daughter and she adores it. Tilly the Tuna is cute but not as popular.”

He smiled. “Thanks for your help.”

“You’re welcome.” I hope I see you again. I watched him walk away.

A week later, I was in the Children’s Toys section again but this time, I was stacking more of the Mosquito Madness game on the shelf. It was selling like hotcakes.

“Excuse me.”

I turned and was pleasantly surprised to see the good looking guy again. “How may I help you today?” I asked, smiling.

He smiled. “I don’t need you help with anything. I just thought I would stop by and let you know that my niece loves Lucy Lamb. Thank you again for your help.”

“It was my pleasure.”

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He got serious for a moment. “I hope you won’t think it presumptuous of me if I were to ask you to lunch with me tomorrow?”

“No, I won’t think that at all,” I quickly assured him. “What time would you like us to go for lunch?”

“Would twelve-thirty work for you?”

“Yes. That’s when I usually take my lunch.”

“Good. I’ll see you then.”

“Yes. Oh, what’s your name?”

He smiled sheepishly. “Sorry. It’s Emir.”

“It’s nice to see you again, Emir. I’m Claudia.”

We shook hands and then, people started to swarm into the aisle. “See you tomorrow,” he said before he turned and hurried away.

Posted for June 2020 Writing Prompts – #9 – Sprouts and sprites; 23 – Mosquito Madness; 28 – Tilly the tuna

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