My First Blind Date

I have been living in London for seven years now.  I came here when I was eighteen to study at Oxford University, thanks to my beloved father who wanted his daughter to have a good education and a promising future.  Now, I’m working at and loving it.  I’m living in my own flat which is not far from my workplace and close to amenities. I have adjusted to life in London.  I work during the week and go out with friends/co-workers on the weekends when I feel up to it.  Tonight for the first time since I have been here I’m going on a blind date.  To say that I’m nervous is a gross understatement.  I’m terrified.  I don’t know why I let Tatiana talk me into it.  My date is her boyfriend’s friend.  I’ve met her boyfriend and he’s a terrific guy.  If his friend is anything like him, then I have nothing to worry about, do I? I glance at myself in the mirror.  The red dress looked good on me.  It fitted me very nicely.  I wore a touch of makeup and no jewelry.  My hair is in braids.  Hopefully my date won’t have a problem with that.  I’ve been wearing my hair in braids since I was thirteen and I love them. I take a deep breath, grab my handbag and leave my bedroom.  In the foyer, I slip on my strappy sandals, do one last check in the mirror and then I leave.  I waited for him in the lobby. I told Tatiana to tell him that I would be wearing a red dress. He couldn’t miss me. The closer the time came for my date to show up, the more nervous I became. We were having dinner at a new Thai restaurant. I love Thai food. I saw a sleek Bentley pull up. Is that him? I wondered. The door opened and a tall, gorgeous Asian man stepped out. Heart pounding, I watched as he came to the entrance and into the lobby. Our eyes met and then, he was heading briskly over to me. “Binah?” he inquired when he was standing in front of me. “Yes,” I said and was thrilled when I saw the way his eyes traveled admiringly over me. “You must be Julius.” “Yes. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” he said, extending his hand. “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.” “No. You’re right on time.” I couldn’t stop staring at him. He had the cutest freckles and he looked so good in what looked like an expensive black suit and silk shirt and I loved that he was wearing it with a pair of alligator boots. From what I could tell, he had a great body which means that he worked out a lot and was very fit. We haven’t even gone on our first date and already I was thinking of how great it would be to spend a day at West Wittering beach with him. Tatiana had told me about it. It’s privately owned but she and Donald said that you’re allowed to set up camp for a day in the gorgeous surroundings which was what they did. They had such a great time that they plan to go again. She showed me photos of it. It looks very fairytale-esque. Yes, it would be an ideal place for Julius and me to spend time together and… “Shall we go?” his query interrupted my thoughts. Embarrassed, I nodded and we left the lobby. He held open the door to his Bentley and I noticed the way his eyes lingered on my legs before he closed the door. I smiled. At least our attraction was mutual. On the drive to the restaurant, we chatted. He was very charming and easygoing. I began to relax.  After asking questions about me and my family, he told me about himself.  He was Korean and came to England with his family when he was three so he spoke with a British accent.  He was the eldest of three children.  His sisters were born here. He was the Managing Director of a manufacturing company.  When he wasn’t bogged down at work, he enjoyed playing basketball, working out at the gym and traveling. He told me that when he had time, he read and he was currently reading a bestseller called, Gothic in Greenland, about a stuffy English Professor who falls in love with one of his students who then mysteriously disappears.  His inquiries about her take him to Greenland where he encounters all sorts of interesting characters in his laughable and at times, enthralling endeavors to find her. “Sounds very interesting,” I remarked. “I could lend it to you when I’m done.” That sounded hopeful.  I smiled.  “That would be nice.” “How come a beautiful woman like you doesn’t have a boyfriend?” I felt bashful.  We were at a stop light and he was staring at me.  There was admiration in his eyes.  “I guess it’s because I haven’t really been going out and meeting people.  I could ask you the same question.  It’s hard to believe that a gorgeous guy like you doesn’t have a girlfriend.” “I guess I’ve been too caught up in my job. I don’t usually go on blind dates but Tatiana promised me that I wouldn’t be disappointed.  It turns out that she’s right.  I was completely bowled over when I saw you.” “And I was very impressed when I saw you.” “What a jolly good start to our evening together.  We’re impressed with each other.  Let’s hope we’re impressed with the food as well.” I laughed.  I had a feeling that this evening was only going to get better and hoped that this would be the first of many dates.

Posted for June 2020 Writing Prompts – #10 – Gothic in Greenland and #14 – Enthralling endeavors

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