Braelynn’s Dream

“I just dreamt about you,” she said.

“What was the dream about?” he asked.

A worried expression came over her face. “I dreamt that you left me for Corinna.”

He touched her face reassuringly. “It was just a bad dream, Honey.”

“But it seemed so real.”

“It was just a bad dream. You know I love you. I would never leave you for other woman.”

“Why did I have the dream? And why Corinna?”

He shook his head. “Yes, why her of all people. You know we can’t stand each other.”

“I don’t understand it. I don’t understand why my best friend and my boyfriend can’t get along.”

“We just rub each other the wrong way, that’s all.”

“Still, it’s strange that I should dream that you left me for her.” She sat up. “I’ve got to pick up the dry cleaning and my medication. I’ll be back in half-hour.”

Soon after she left, he checked his cell. There was a text message from Corinna. It simply said, “Our flight is on Friday afternoon. I can’t wait to see you and for us to begin our life together. Luv, Cori.

Braelynn was leaving the pharmacy when she remembered that she hadn’t told Lyle about the rest of the dream. She hadn’t wanted to freak him out. It was just a bad dream, she thought to herself. Lyle was safe in the apartment where she had left him. He wasn’t going to get into a fatal car crash on his way to the airport. When she got home, she was going to prepare his favorite food for dinner and there would be no more talk about that foolish dream. Still, when she let herself in the apartment and saw him standing in the doorway to the bedroom, she rushed over to him and hugged him tightly, her heart pounding.

When Friday came, Lyle was still troubled by Braelynn’s dream. Was it a premonition? He thought about it as he packed his suitcase, left a note and walked out of the apartment. Should he tell Corinna about the dream? Maybe not. It didn’t matter now.

Braelynn was heading home when she heard on the news that there was a fatal collision on the 401. Three people were pronounced dead at the scene–the taxi driver, a man and a woman. Braelynn shrugged it off. Nothing to do with her and Lyle. Lyle had taken the day off and was at home, waiting for her.

Posted for June 2020 Writing Prompts –#5 – I just dreamt about you

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