Puah’s Calling

“Are you happy you came to church this morning?” Tobias asked Puah when she went over to see him after having lunch with her grandmother.

“Yes. I especially liked the Sabbath School. You’re a great teacher, Tobias.”

“Thank you. I thought you would have participated, though.”

“I told you that I only wanted to listen and observe.”

“And what did you observe?”

“I think that every girl in the class has a crush on you.”

That’s it?” he demanded in exasperation. “That’s all you observed?”

“I observed other things too,” she replied, defensively. “Like how engaging you were and how you made the lesson come alive. I have never seen students so excited to be in any class or so eager to participate. They also asked a lot of good questions. I learned so much. I’d like to come again next week Saturday.”

He smiled. “I’m happy to hear that and you can come any time you like. I will email you the link with all of the lessons.”


“What did you come away with overall?”

“That when God calls us it’s different from a job or a profession. With God, it’s what God is calling us to do and what He will give each of us a passion for in this life. Some of the students mentioned that they believed He was calling them into missionary work while others to share the Gospel and others mentioned handing out literature. Your calling was to be a Sabbath School teacher and my grandmother’s was to be a prayer warrior. I’m curious and excited to find out what God will call me to do.”

“First, you need to come to church regularly and be baptized when you are ready. Then, you do the following: Ask God what He wants for you; figure out what your passions are; take a Spiritual gifts test. I have a link which I will send you. Find out from your grandmother and Christian friends what they think your talents and gifts are. Once you join the church, you should try out the different ministries before committing to any. That’s what I did. I did Singles, Men’s and Personal Ministries but I found that I liked explaining scriptures to others. I had several people, mostly youth tell me that I should teach. I prayed about it too and soon after I was nominated by the church committee to be a Sabbath School teacher.

“Maybe God will call you to start something new. About two years ago, one of the women at church was called to start a new ministry which reaches out to homeless women and youth. Maybe you can start a study group at school or university. I have a friend whose ministry is not held in the church but at Starbucks because some people who may have been hurt in the past by their church or those who never grew up in a church, may not feel comfortable being in a church. Whatever God calls you to do, be prepared to step outside of your comfort zone.”

“Wow. That’s a lot to think about. Thanks, Tobias.”

“You’re welcome. I’m always here if you need any help, tips, advice.”

“So, what do you think my talents, gifts are?”

“I’ve heard you sing. You have an incredible voice. Maybe you can look into serving God in through music. You could join the youth choir, lead out in some of the worship services.”

She smiled. “I like the sound of that. And I’m flattered that you like my voice.”

“Yes. Singing is definitely one of your talents.”

“I’m dying to find out what other talents I have.”

“With God’s help, you will.”

“Tell me something, Tobias. If Yasma weren’t in the picture and you and I never met, would you date one of those girls in your Sabbath School class?”

His expression darkened. “No and for the same reason why I wouldn’t date you.”

“I know, I’m too young. What about the single women in your age group or older? Would you date any of them?”


“When we were waiting for the service to begin, I saw this woman staring at you. She was sitting across the aisle from where we were. She was wearing a pale yellow suit with a white blouse underneath. She had shoulder length black hair. She looked Hispanic or–“

“I know whom you’re talking about.”

“So, you noticed her staring at you. She’s very pretty. Wouldn’t you date her if you had the chance?”

“Manuela is a very nice woman but–“

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is e80682292e59b46afacd0b0fde89e6ba.jpg

“I was right. With that name, she has to be Hispanic.”

“Actually, she’s Portuguese.”

“Well, that was my next guess if you hadn’t interrupted me. Is she Brazilian or Portuguese?”

“Puah, I don’t want to talk about Manuela or the girls in my Sabbath School class or—“

All right. No need to bite my head off.”

He dragged his fingers through his hair. “You’re the most infuriating girl I know,” he muttered.

“Yes, but think how boring your life would be if I weren’t in it,” she retorted.

Yes, it would be boring but it would also be less complicated. Infuriating or not, he couldn’t deny that he enjoyed her company.

“Well, I’m going to take a nap,” she announced, getting up from the sofa. “I’m not used to getting up so early on the weekend.”

He stood up too and followed her into the foyer. “I think I’ll take a nap too. I usually do.”

She turned to face him as he reached over to open the door. How she wished she were tall then, she could easily reach up and kiss him on the cheek, although she would have preferred to kiss him on the lips. For a brief moment her gaze dropped to his mouth and then she raised her eyes to meet his. “See you later,” she said quietly. She couldn’t wait to go to dinner with him that evening even though her grandmother was going too.

“See you later.” He replied. After she left, he closed and locked the door. He leaned against it, his heart racing. He had noticed the way she was looking at him. The temptation to lean down and kiss her had been overpowering but he managed to control himself. So much for taking a nap now. How could he? He wouldn’t be able to sleep a wink. Sighing, he went into the study and took down the non-fiction novel, Dare to Stand Alone from the bookshelf. He would spend the rest of the afternoon trying to read.

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