Why was he being so obdurate about something so important?  “Don’t you think that it’s time things changed in this country?” I demanded.  “Shouldn’t racism be everyone’s problem and not just theirs?”

“You think looting and burning police cars, precincts and churches is going to help the cause?”

“Agitators were the culprits not protesters.”

“Those protesters are disrupting lives and businesses.”

“They want justice.”

“Justice, my foot.  They want to weaken America.”

72 Words

This was written for the Weekend Writing Prompt by Sammi Cox. To be a part of this fun challenge, click Here.


  1. alas, I know some who do the ‘what aboutism’ all the time instead of looking squarely at the problem. They feel emboldend to do so, with an administration that relishes insults and pointing fingers away from their own responsibility and harm.

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    • You’re right. There’s a lot of talk and “what about” scenarios but nothing is being done. They talk and talk but don’t take action. And you’re spot on about he administration which is fostering so much of the unrest that’s going on in the country.


      • There is perhaps more done now than had been for a time, by those who resist and protest and persist in demand for change in spite of this administration’s obdurate insistence on harm and destroying what others had done to improve things … Also, “Whataboutism” is also specifically when someone does not address an issue you bring up, but brings up ANOTHER issue instead, as if that makes the issue you speak about, nullified.
        There’s certainly a lot of THAT going on.

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