Rolling over in bed, during a nap, the 68 year old ex-Marine accidentally triggered his LifeAid alert necklace.  He had a heart condition.   He was jolted awake by the sound of loud banging.  It was the police at his front door.  Despite telling them that he didn’t need any help, they refused to leave and insisted on going inside.  He called LifeAid and begged them to help him because he feared that the police would break down his door, enter his home and kill him.  “Help me!” he begged the operator.  Minutes later, he was tasered and then fatally shot.

100 Words

This is based on the true, heartbreaking story of Kenneth Chamberlain.  After his LifeAid medical alert necklace was inadvertently triggered, police came to Chamberlain’s home and demanded that he open his front door. Despite his objections and statements that he did not need help, the police broke down his door, tasered and then fatally shot him.

This post is for the Friday’s Fictioneers hosted by  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  You can find this week’s prompt Here. To read other stories or to participate, click Here.

23 thoughts on “Triggered

    • We are living in a society where black lives are not valued and that’s why people are protesting now. Enough is enough. It’s time for action–it’s time for justice and it’s time for accountability. And you’re right, this is no way to live.

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    • …and fear that dominates the situation. (sorry about that).
      Just watched the video of the man being pushed over by US riot police, there was no other civilians around – where was the threat? – Shocking attitude by the police. I don’t know what was said regardless it was a breach of respect from the police – they walked off and left him lying on the pavement bleeding. Obviously the riot police were keyed up for a fight.
      I have been in a situation where a crowd were threatened to storm a building – I calmly spoke to their leader (ignoring the threats and shouts) and de-escalated the potentially hostile situation. The crowd dispersed.
      Maintain the moral high ground often works better than violence.

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      • I saw that video too and there was no reason for that man to be pushed. There is never a reason or excuse for excessive violence especially when people are exercising their rights to protest against injustice and call for change. Yes, there are other more effective ways to deescalate hostile, potentially dangerous situations without resorting to violence. Good for you for the way you handled that situation you were in. The police need to uphold the law and protect the people, not abuse their power.

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