“Thanks for lunch,” Evelyn Dankworth said to her son, Colin.  It was her seventy-fourth birthday and they were having lunch at her favorite French restaurant. 

Colin smiled.  “It’s my pleasure.  Happy Birthday, Mother.” He kissed her on the cheek.

She beamed.  “Thank you, Dear.”

“How are you?”

“Fine, but let’s not talk about me.  Tell me about her.”


“Yes, the woman you’re in love with.”

“Is it that obvious?”


“Well, she’s the perfect girl for me.”

“When will I meet her?”

“This weekend.  Here’s a photo of her.”

 Her face turned deadly pale. “That’s Sue!”


“Your sister.”

100 Words

This story was inspired by an article I recently read about Genetic Sexual Attraction. This is when close blood relatives develop a strong attraction for each other. Some act on these feelings while others do not. Acting on these feelings destroy marriages and families and those who end up together, opt not to have children but to adopt.

This post is for the Friday’s Fictioneers hosted by  Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  You can find this week’s prompt Here. To read other stories or to participate, click Here.

32 thoughts on “Sue

  1. OH! All right, I’m going to choose to believe that he didn’t know Sue was his sister; that his mother had given her up at birth due to her own circumstances, but had stayed in touch with her adoptive parents, and so recognized her photo. There. I feel better now.

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    1. You can breathe easy. He didn’t know about Sue. It was quite a shock for him. His mother didn’t have her but she knew about her. Sue is his father’s daughter from an affair he had with a younger woman. After Sue’s mother died from childbirth complications, Sue was raised by her maternal grandparents. His mother had come across photos of Sue among her husband’s possessions after he passed away that’s why she recognized her. I couldn’t fit all of this in 100 words so I had to write a follow up which I finished a few minutes ago. He will end his relationship with Sue.

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      1. Yes, it’s a tragic story. And my heart goes out to those who are experiencing this and the spouses and family members are hurt by this. I forgot to mention that Sue’s other name is Pamela which is the name my character knows her by. She’s Pamela Sue. That’s why when his mother called her “Sue,” his response was “Sue?” He doesn’t know her as Sue but as Pamela. I hope this makes sense.

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  2. Sounds like the PC Police have decided to stop calling it incest? In the stories you read, was the situation they had siblings they knew nothing about until it became an issue like the one in your story? Or is it that they know they are siblings and choose to act on the attraction anyway? Your story illustrates so well why these kinds of family situations should not be kept secret. Sooner or later the ones it will hurt the most find out 😦

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    1. In the stories I read, some chose not to act on their attraction, in others, the attraction wasn’t mutual and in one, the two people decided to leave their relationships to be with each other and chose not to have children together. In all cases, they didn’t know about each other until they found out from someone else or in one situation, she was contacted by her half-brother through Facebook, I believe. In all cases, it’s a tough situation and could cause all sorts of problems for the families. And you’re right, sooner or later the secret is out and people are hurt. Some people think that there’s a difference between incest and GSA but a woman who was in a GSA relationship with her father said that they were both charged with incest.

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  3. Oh Yikes! For people I know who have adopted children, especially those whose origins are unclear (from institutions or deserted babies etc), this is an ongoing worry. When exactly into a relationship you tell someone, “we best have our DNA done to make sure we’re not going to commit incest?” OY.

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    1. In one of the stories I read a couple had their DNA done and that was how they found out that they were related. And you’re right, it is a scary and worrisome thing for people, especially those who have been adopted.

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    1. Yes, she should have told him earlier and shown him the photos. I have heard that about siblings or other blood relatives who are attracted to each other when they eventually meet. It’s a sad state of affairs for them and the other people in their lives who end up getting hurt.


    1. Yes, it’s a very painful situation. I have done a sequel which will be posted next week Thursday. Now that he knows, he will tell Sue and then he will end their relationship.


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