I Will Sing of Jesus’ Love!

Yesterday I got up as usual to have my early morning devotional.  I have
gotten in the habit of spending time with Jesus again.  However, I was tired
because I went to bed late the night before.  So, I lay on the sofa and
after I spoke to Jesus, I waited for Him to answer.  I fell asleep and even
had a dream.  When I woke up it was exactly 6:45.  I usually have my eyes
closed when I meditate and I would ask the Lord to let me know when it was
time to get up and get ready for work.  He always does.  When I want Him to
let me know when it is 7:00, I would suddenly open my eyes and look at the
time and it would be exactly 7.  It never fails.

I was disappointed that I fell asleep and missed what the Lord had to say to
me.  But, as I was getting ready for work, the hymn, “I Will Sing of Jesus’
Love” came to me.  I kept hearing it and realized that this was His message
for me.  I decided to look up the lyrics and read them.  

I was reminded that I had a Lord who loves me.  He died at Calvary for me.
He died so that I could live.  No sin is so terrible that it cannot be
forgiven.  I will sing of Jesus’ love–a love that has no boundaries.  His
love is unfailing and everlasting.  It is unconditional.  I have not done
anything to deserve it but it is freely given.  How can I help but sing of
this love that has given me hope and comfort and brought me so much joy? 

I want to sing of Jesus love. I want others to know how wonderful He is.  I
want them to experience His love.  I want as many of us as possible to raise
our voices and sing joyfully of Jesus’ love.  Oh, what a sweet, sweet sound
that would be.  

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