The Quilt

He went into a specialty store where he saw a beautifully hand painted fabric art quilt of poppies. After the cashier finished checking out another customer, she walked over to him.  “May I help you?” she asked.

He turned and for a moment, he was speechless.  She was a beautiful girl in her late teens or early twenties.  Finally, he said, “I’m looking for a birthday present.”  He didn’t mention that it was for his girlfriend.  “I think this one will do.”

“An excellent choice.  You’re lucky.  They’re usually sold out.”

“Could you wrap it, please?”

“Sure.”  She took it from him. “Will you be paying cash or credit?”


She wrapped the quilt and gave it to him.  “Have a good day.”

“Thanks.  You too.”

He returned the following day.

131 Words

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