For What It’s Worth

At the age of thirty, I opened my very own restaurant where mock-tails, tropical fruit juices, non-alcoholic wines, healthy drinks, vegetarian, organic, gluten-free, and kosher dishes are served. It has been a big success. We are open from 6pm and to midnight, Mondays to Thursdays and Sundays. We’re not open on Fridays and Saturdays. We are full practically every night but especially on Sundays.

I love running Moonbeam Restaurant/Bar. It’s my baby, my passion, my accomplishment. So, I’m still single, big deal. I don’t feel like some of my friends do–desperate because their biological clocks are ticking and it doesn’t help that their families are putting the pressure on them to get married before they hit their forties. In two years I will be celebrating my 40th and I plan to go on a trip to some tropical island. Maybe I’ll meet my dream guy there. And if I don’t…that’s fine. I have gone this long without one. I’m sure a few more years flying solo won’t hurt me.

When the place is really busy, I pitch in by serving drinks. I used to be a waitress before I decided to try my hand at being a restaurateur. It was on a Thursday evening when I saw him for the first time. I was serving drinks, chatting with new and regular customers when I suddenly looked over at the bar and there he was. Tall and absolutely gorgeous. Across the crowded room our eyes met and locked. He was well-dressed and holding a glass of Kiwi mock-tail with a slice of banana in it.

It took me literally a minute to figure out if to go over there and introduce myself. Taking a deep breath, I squeezed my way over to him, empty tray in hand and a warm smile on my face. Under my cool facade, my heart was racing and I was very nervous. I laid the tray down on the counter and holding out my hand, I turned to face him. This close, he was absolutely breathtaking. I could hardly breath or think. “Hello, I’m Trudy. Welcome to Moonbeam.”

He smiled, making my heart stop and shook my hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Trudy. I’m Colin. Someone told me that you own this place.”

“Yes, I do.”

He looked around appreciatively. “It’s a very classy establishment. A co-worker recommended it to me and I’m happy I came.”

“I’m happy that you came too and I hope that I will see more of you.” For some reason I could feel myself blushing. “I see you’re having the Kiwi mocktail. It’s one of my favorites.”

He took a sip. “It’s very refreshing and I like the slice of banana to add a little sweetness.”

“Are you here alone or are you meeting someone?” I hope that didn’t sound too forward.

“Yes, I’m actually waiting for a friend to join me.”

I tried to hide my disappointment behind my smile. “Well, I hope that you and your friend enjoy the evening.”

His eyes met mine in a steady gaze. “I can’t speak for him but I know that I will.”

Okay. He was flirting with me and I loved it. And I picked up on the fact that the friend he was waiting for was a male and not a female as I had assumed. “Your friend’s a guy?”

He nodded. “A college buddy. I was best man at his wedding. I introduced him to his wife.”

“I thought you were waiting for a woman.”

“No, I’m single and available. What about you?”

“I’m single–and…available too.” The room was beginning to feel a bit warm.

“Glad to hear it. Are you free on Saturday night?”

“I’m available after 7:30.”

“No problem. I’d like to take you to dinner to this great vegetarian restaurant I started going to after I decided to cut meat and fish completely out of my diet. Their burgers so good, my mouth is watering just thinking about them.”

I laughed. Where have you been all my life? “This place sounds great,” I replied.

“I will make the dinner reservation for 8 and we meet there at 7:45.”

“Okay.” We exchanged business cards. Then, his friend showed up and he introduced us. His friend looked to be in his early fifties and was very jovial. We hit it off right away. I served him his drink and then I left them to enjoy the evening. As I went about serving drinks and making sure the customers were happy, I was excited about my date. My family and friends are going to think that I’m crazy for going out for dinner with a guy I just met but life is short and I’m going to enjoy mine while I still can. For what it’s worth, I’m not going out with him out of desperation. Like stepping out in faith when I decided to open my own business, I’m doing the same for my love life. And who knows if this wouldn’t turn out the same way? As the old saying goes, nothing ventured nothing gained. I’m not desperate. I’m daring.

8 thoughts on “For What It’s Worth

  1. Your character sketches are always nice, and I like the bit of budding romance in most of them, but I have a silly question – do you find the photos first and write their stories or do you write the sketch and find photos to match?

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    • Thanks, Trent πŸ™‚ I’m happy you enjoy my character sketches. And I’m a romantic. This is not a silly question at all. Sometimes, I write the story and then find the images to go with them, or sometimes, I find the images and the stories develop afterwards. And there are times when I have an image of one character, write the story and then look for an image that would fit the other character. In the case of this story, I found the image of the MC and thought it would be nice if she could own her own restaurant and then have a handsome guy stop by. So, I started the story, found an image of the guy and then wrote the rest of it. I don’t know which part I like better, writing the story or finding the images.

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    • Yes, there is a big difference. Thank you πŸ™‚ Am happy you enjoyed it. A lot of men are attracted to women like this–empowered, determined and brave. And you’re right, we need more women like that. Girls need more role models.


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