Sleeping With the Guest




I’m truly blessed to be married to Judy.  She’s the only one I know who thinks that was funny finding me in bed with another woman.  Before you all start thinking that she’s certifiable, let me explain what happened.  Her friend, Gwen was sleeping over.  Sometime during the night, I went to the guestroom.  The next morning when Gwen awoke, she screamed when she discovered me lying next to her.  Judy had to explain that I’m a somnambulist.


78 Words

This post was inspired by a true account of a man whose wife found him in the guestroom with a guest and her husband.  The woman woke up at dawn, screaming when she discovered that there were two men in bed with her instead of just one.  The somnambulist’s wife did her best to explain what had happened before she took him back to their bed where he belonged.

Source:  Maclean’s


  1. it’s that you are connected to someone, do you know when you are married to honor, vows you have made, you have to maintain it and just hope that things will be alright in the future to come and try to remember you have to pray and asked the Lord to preserve your well being!

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    • Yes, it’s a blessing when a husband and a wife are connected and God is in the centre of their relationship. Marriage is such a sacred thing and it’s wonderful when vows are honored. And you are right, it helps when you pray and ask God to preserve your marriage.


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