What Gives?


His behavior continued to perplex her.  Why was he acting as if he didn’t want to be around her?  This had been going on for weeks now.  What changed?  She had to find out.

She marched over to his desk.  “We need to talk.”




They went somewhere private.  “Why are you acting like this?”


“Like you don’t want to be friends anymore.”

“You’re right, I don’t.”

That hurt.  “Why not?”

“I want us to be more than friends.”

“Oh, Ahmed, why didn’t you just say so?”

90 Words


2 Replies to “What Gives?”

  1. that is not very good at all you have to remember all that we went through, I think that he is making a terrible mistake until something happen to them and then they realize they have made a big mistake, and sometimes the same person they happen to bounce into’ they wish that they had never done that’ that is why you must be contented in what you have!

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    1. I think he wasn’t sure that she would want to be more than friends and was afraid of being rejected, that’s why he was acting the way he did. It’s always best to come clean. Fortunately for him, she wanted to take their relationship to another level.


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