God’s Presence


How can you tell that you are in God’s presence?  Here are some tips that I came across:

  • He speaks clearly. What He says is consistent with His word and Jesus’ life.
  • He gives you a solution.
  • He gives you guidance and direction.
  • He says something that you know could only come from God.
  • He brings you to a passage of scripture.
  • Your heart suddenly overflows with happiness and thanksgiving; it is God reminding you of all He has done in your life.
  • He asks you to get on your knees.
  • He makes His presence known in circumstances.
  • Suddenly you are crying. It’s God’s presence.
  • He says, “Here’s what I am going to do…”
  • I made you for Myself. Ask God to make His presence known to you.
  • A worship service or a song

I have experienced all of these things.  God is very real.  He makes His presence known in so many ways.  I have been in places where I could honestly say, “Surely the presence of the Lord is in this place.”

God wants us to be aware of Him.  He is always there.  He is always just a prayer away.   Today say to Him, thank You, God, for granting me the joy of Your presence.  In it I feel safe, loved and strengthened.

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