Jesus, the Lamp Who Gives True Light

“This city has no need of sun or moon to shine upon it, for the glory of God is its light, and its lamp is the Lamb” – Revelation 21:23.  This scripture brought to my mind this other scripture, “Your word is a lamp to my feet. And a light to my path” – Psalm 119:105.


In the gospel of John, the following descriptions are used for Jesus.  He is the Word.  He is God.  He is the true Light.  Glory.  The Lamb of God.  So, Jesus is the Light, the Lamb and the Word are the lamp.

Lamp gives light.  God’s word gives light.  Jesus is the lamp that gives light because He is the Lamb and in Revelation it says the new city has no need of sun or moon because its lamp is the Lamb.  Jesus is the Lamp because He is the Word of God and the psalm says God’s word is a lamp to our feet.  Jesus is the Light because He is the lamp which gives light.   Jesus is the true Light because He is the Word.  The Word of God gives light—it lights our path.  It is a lamp at our feet.  It reveals God’s truth.

Jesus came to the earth to share God’s word, bringing light to us about God’s true nature and His will for our lives.  The word represents light and truth so Jesus, the Word is the true light.  The word reflects its Author and that is what it means when Jesus said that He and the Father are one.  When you see Jesus you see the Father.  When you read and study God’s word, you see God.  God is revealed through His word.

Jesus is God.  John 1:1 is the exact mirror of Genesis 1:1.  God’s word created the universe and Jesus is the Word.  So, Jesus is the Creator which is why Paul said the following, “He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation.  For by Him all things were created in Heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers.  All things were created through Him and for Him.  And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist” – Colossians 1:15-17.

Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.  He is the great I AM.  I AM is the same name God uses for Himself when He speaks to Moses and it is the same name Jesus calls Himself in John 8:58.  And other times when He speaks of Himself He uses the words, “I AM” e.g.  “I am the bread of life” and “I am the Light of the world”.  God’s word is spiritual food.  Bread is food.  God’s word gives light.  Jesus is the true Light.

Speaking of light, one morning, God reminded me that Jesus is my Light.  Jesus is my beautiful, bright light showing me the way I have to go.  He led me out of spiritual darkness and into His marvellous light.  I read in my Bible that in order to have light, gladness, joy and honour I have to have Jesus in my life.  God wants each of us to have these things and that is why He gave us His Son.

Jesus is my Light.  He shines through dark times.  He shines all the time.  He brings gladness to my heart because He is my best Friend, my Companion.  He fills me with the joy of knowing that He is always there and that He loves me the same today as He did yesterday.  He gave me honour when He made it possible for me to be accepted as a child of God through His sacrifice at Calvary.  It brings me honour when I can follow His example, when people look at me and see Him and a close and loving relationship with Him brings me the highest honour ever.

To give my life to Jesus is an honour.  To witness for Him, to share Him, His love, His ministry with others is an honour.  It is an honour to know Him, to spend time with Him and to read about Him.  It is an honour to have a conversation with Him.  He is everything to me.  He is my Sustainer, Friend, Comforter and Provider.  I can always depend on Him and can ask Him anything.  He is my Light, my life and my love.  Thank You, Father for Your most precious gift—Jesus, My Lord and Saviour.

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