Alexi Goes to Ajax

Alexi stood outside the building where Ajax lived.  She had texted him on Monday to tell him that she would be stopping by to see him on Sunday.  He replied that he would be at home and to drop by any time.   Her heart was pounding like crazy and she needed a few minutes to compose herself.

A week had passed since she had bumped into him and it had bothered her to no end that he had been about to say something really important to her when they were interrupted.  What was Ajax going to say?  He didn’t look too pleased to see her with Gerrard.  The expression on his face was glacial and his greeting chilly.

When they were alone, he confronted her saying, “I thought you two were just friends.”  And after she assured them that they were, his response was, “I hope so.”  Taken aback, she immediately asked him, “Why?”  She was anxious to know why it was so important to him that Gerrard and she were just friends?  She didn’t get her answer because Gerrard rejoined them at that precise moment.  And his question, “Am I interrupting something?” irritated her.  Soon after that, Ajax mumbled something about an errand, excused himself and walked briskly away.

Alexi watched him go, frustrated.  “Gerrard, why couldn’t you have stayed on the phone a little longer?” she demanded, turning to face him.  “Ajax was about to tell me something very important.”

“I’m sorry,” Gerrard apologized.  “I could tell that I was interrupting something.  Ajax didn’t look too pleased to see me.  I think he would have liked it better if you were alone.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Come on, Alexi, don’t tell me you don’t know that Ajax has a thing for you.”

Alexi’s eyes widened.  “He does?”

“Yes!  You must be the only one in the group who doesn’t know that.”

She told him what transpired between Ajax and her while he was on the phone.  “What do you think he was going to tell me?”

Gerrard shrugged.  “I don’t know.  Maybe he was going to confess that he’s into you.”

Alexi sighed.  “I wish I knew what he was going to tell me.”

“Why don’t you go and find out?”

Alexi’s heart skipped a beat.  “You mean I should go and ask him?”

“How else are you going to know?”

The thought of being alone with Ajax made her extremely nervous but she had to know if Gerrard was right.  She hoped with all her heart that he was because she was crazy about Ajax and had been since they met three years ago at a mutual friend’s engagement party.  “All right,” she said.  “I’ll go and see him.”

“Good for you.   He’s a great guy.  If God is in this, it will work out.”

She smiled and kissed him on the cheek before they parted ways.  That night she prayed about what she was going to do and asked God to give her the courage to do it.  She told Him that if it was His will for Ajax and her to be together, then, His will be done.  And now, here she was, in front of his building, trying to summon up all the courage she had to face him.  After saying a quick prayer and taking a deep breath, she went down the stairs to where his apartment was and rang the bell.

Her heart lurched when he opened the door.  He looked amazing in the black tee shirt with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows and pale blue jeans.  Their eyes met and held for a long time before he said, “Hi.”  His expression wasn’t glacial this time.


“Come in.”

She stepped into the foyer and removed her shoes.   “I hope you don’t mind me stopping by,” she said after he closed the door.

3J7A6866“Why would I?” he asked as he took her coat and hung it in the closet.  “Do you have a date?”  His eyes traveled over her and when they returned to her face, his expression was tense.

She shook her head at once.  “No, don’t have a date.”

“I saw the dress and thought…”

“Ajax, if I were going on a date, would it bother you?”

“Yes, it would, Alexi.”


“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Not to me.”

He turned so that he was facing her.  “I’m crazy about you.  I have been since the first day we met.”

She moved closer.  “What were you going to tell me last week Sunday when we bumped into each other?”

He moved closer.  “You mean before I was interrupted?”

She nodded as she took another step.  “Yes.”

“I was going to tell you what I just told you–that I’m crazy about you and that I wanted to be in a relationship with you.”

They were standing very close to each other now.  “I was hoping that that was what you were going to say,” she said, smiling up at him as he put his arms around her waist and pulled her against him.  She reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck.

He smiled and lowered his head.  They kissed for several minutes, savoring the moment and then, he raised his head.  “I think we should get out of here before we get ourselves into trouble.”

“You’re right.”

“Let’s go for a walk.  It looks like a beautiful afternoon and then afterwards, we have dinner at the Sacred Chow.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“All right.  I’ll just go and change.”  He reluctantly released her and left the living-room.  She wandered over to the window and looked out.  Soho was such a great neighborhood.  She loved it.

Half hour later, they were sitting in the Sacred Chow enjoying each other’s company and the Lemongrass Red Curry served over Asian noodles.   By the time the Christmas holidays rolled around, they were officially a couple, much to no one’s surprise.  Gerrard was right.  All of their friends knew that Ajax carried a torch for Alexi and they were thrilled that they were finally dating.  They knew that it was only a matter of time before there would be wedding bells.   “Just don’t wait another three years before you tie the knot,” Gerrard told him and they all laughed as they gathered in Grace’s home for Christmas dinner.  It was she who had introduced Ajax and Alexi three years ago at her engagement party.

They didn’t have to wait for three years.  On New Year’s Eve, Ajax and Alexi announced their engagement.   After the ball dropped in Times Square and everyone was singing, Auld Lang Syne, Ajax and Alexi prayed and thanked God for bringing them together.   God’s will had been done in their lives and now, they had a new and promising future to look forward to.

If whatever you ask God for is His will too, it will be done. 

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