Coping As Best As We Can


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It has been over a month since we lost our dear son.  There are times when I feel fine and there are other times when I break down and sob uncontrollably because the pain is so deep.  It’s deep, deep down and it hurts.  The void he has left in our lives is like a huge chasm which can never be filled.

I know that we are not going through our sorrow alone.  God is right there with us, in the midst of the storm, the darkness and His presence gives us great comfort.  The psalmist says that “Weeping may last through the night but joy comes in the morning.”  We are still weeping and I suspect that we will be for a very long time but we know that the joy we are promised will come.  Right now, we are coping as best as we can with God’s help.

Parents, please spend quality time with your kids every day.  Don’t let anything prevent you from doing that.  What we learned from our son’s death is that life is fragile.  People are here today and gone tomorrow.  Never once when we woke up that day, did we ever imagine that before six that evening our son would be dead.  He was only eleven years old.  We always believed that he would outlive us.  We never thought that we would end up burying him.

Don’t take your loved ones for granted.  We have today.  We are not guaranteed tomorrow.  Make sure you hug your children and tell them you love them daily.  And if you’re Christians, teach them about God as early as possible.  In a Mother’s Day card, my son thanked me for teaching him about God.  Teach them that they have a Heavenly Father who loves them and a Savior who gave His precious life for them.  And tell them that they have a Comforter who is the Holy Spirit.

Make sure that you say, “I love you” to your loved one every opportunity you get because you never know when it will be the last time you do so.

4 thoughts on “Coping As Best As We Can

  1. Heartbreaking. So sorry. We are never prepared for the loss of a child. There is nothing that can prepare us for that.

    May God fill you heart with the peace that you need and he acceptance that will eventually come (but not make it easier to understand).

    My heart goes out to you and yours.
    May he forever rest in peace in heaven.
    Bless you and yours.

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    • You’re right. We’re never prepared for the loss of a child. His death was so unexpected. We never saw it coming. Never once did we imagine that he would die from Asthma. Since his death, I have heard of two teenagers dying from it.

      God is with us every step of the way. He’s there during the tears, the sorrow and the pain. We know that joy comes after the weeping and believe that it will come. Right now, with God’s help, we are taking each day as it comes.

      I think about the things that our son will never experience such as taking a trip abroad, puberty, graduating from high school and university, his first girlfriend, becoming a police officer which was what he wanted, marrying and raising a family. I’m thankful, though for the things he did experience like going on school trips, playing video games, learning about God, winning the Spelling Bee championship with his school and having crushes on older girls. He would be mortified that I’m telling you about the crushes.

      We are so thankful to God for blessing us with our son and we are grateful that we had eleven years with him.

      Thank you for your condolences and comforting thoughts. Our son is resting in peace now and we look forward to when we will see him again.

      God bless.

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      • Cherish the memories and moments you shared with him. He will always be in your heart, inspiring tears and smiles.

        My eyes are humid. I can’t even imagine what you feel.

        I was tempted to write you again, but I didn’t want to intrude on you. Miss your blog. I will be here whenever you return .

        Please take care of you and yours. Heal. Mourn. Love him forever.

        God bless.

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      • Thanks, Andrew, I will continue to cherish the sweet memories and moments. Yes, he lives on in my heart. I know that he wouldn’t want me to be sad. He was a very happy child, always smiling. And he was a blessing to all who met him. They always comment on his beautiful smile and the joy he brought to their lives. One person said that he always reminded her of Christ’s love. And years ago, in a Mother’s Day card, he said he loved me because I taught him about God. I’m so happy that we taught him about God and Jesus early in his life. I miss reading the Bible to him and worshipping with him.

        You can write me again if you like. It won’t be an intrusion. It has been hard to think about writing since he died. He used to like reading my posts or giving me tips, suggestions. I really miss that. Thanks for being there whenever I return. It’s nice to know that you miss my blogging.

        I will take care of mine and me as I continue to heal and mourn. I will love that dear child forever. He was my precious, precious light. That light continues to shine in the lives of those who love and miss him.

        God bless,


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