From Good Stock

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

“Could anything good come from Clarington Cross?”

She bristled as she remembered the disparaging, rhetorical question posed by Mrs. Danvers.  Miserable woman.  Who did she think she was? Sticking her thin nose up in the air like that as if she smelled a rat.  Well, this lass was no rat.  She had brains and a good head on her shoulders.  She will show that insufferable old biddy the kind of folks that come from Clarington Cross.  They come from good stock and could do anything they set their minds to.

Gathering her skirts, she climbed down out of the train.

100 Words

This was written for the Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields For more details, visit Here.  To read other stories based on this week’s prompt, visit Here.

19 Replies to “From Good Stock”

  1. Oh, I almost embarrassed myself here. With my blurred vision I read that ladst word as drain and not train. I automatically connected it with the upright nose as if she smelled a rat. So in my mind, it connected.

    Lovely story. In so few words you painted an image of this woman. Thankfully, I reread this and avoided a mistake.
    Have a beautiful day.

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  2. GO FOR IT! Prove the old biddy wrong… I dare ya! I grew up in a small town surrounded by “old biddies” with that kind of attitude. As soon as I could, I married and got the H### outa there!

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