Liz’s Mom

PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Liz was going through one of the boxes in the basement when she came across a photo of her mother playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  She was wearing a pretty pink dress with a white sash.  She smiled as she remembered her mother telling her how much she loved this game which existed since the late 1800s.  She wouldn’t have a birthday party without it.  In this photo she was celebrating her 10th.

Liz’s eyes filled with tears.  Her mother died a month ago after losing her battle with Parkinson’s.  At least she was at peace now.


99 Words

This was written for the Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields For more details, visit Here.  To read other stories based on this week’s prompt, visit Here.

17 Replies to “Liz’s Mom”

  1. I so relate to this.
    Long story short – When my parent passed I was left with no family. (NO uncles, cousins, aunts, siblings). I had a box of photos of the three of us. One day, while moving, I lost the box of photos. i cried for days. Then, a year or two later, I am moving books and my mother’s wedding photo fell out of one of them. It is the only photo I have of her.
    Sorry for the long story.
    Enjoyed reading yours.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your story. I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your parents. I lost both of mine within months of each other this year. Fortunately, I have siblings and relatives. It must have been hard for you not to have anyone and to lose the box with your family photos, though but I’m happy that you have a least one photo of your mother. The Holy Spirit reminded me of what Jesus said to His disciples which can also apply to us, that He will not leave us orphans. He is with us. He knows what it is like to lose a loved one. He wept when His friend, Lazarus died. So, you’re not alone. You have the Lord and by the sound of it, you have lots of friends. I have my husband, son, sisters, cousins, uncle and aunt and friends. I’m happy you enjoyed reading my story and was able to relate to it. Sorry for my long response.


    1. Thanks, Dale. I’m so sorry about your Dad’s passing. They say time heals. The pain and loss are not as severe but they are still there, especially on certain occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s day, etc. This year I have lost both parents within months of each other. Sometimes, it still seems surreal. My faith in God is what keeps me going strong.

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