A Tight Spot

It wasn’t something I expected to happen but when she walked into my classroom on that first day of the Fall Term, I fell.  Imagine, a man my age falling for a girl young enough to be my daughter.  I tried my very best not to do anything about it but I’m not impervious to the desires of the flesh. We’ve been seeing each other under the quiet.  So far, no one suspects.  If we were to be discovered, I’d probably be fired and she might be expelled.  I know I should end our relationship but I simply can’t.

99 Words

This is for the Weekend Writing Prompt by Sammi Cox. For instructions, click HERE.

8 thoughts on “A Tight Spot

  1. Well, a certain celeb is infamous in the news for ‘liking’ underaged girls.
    The man in the story should have transferred schools instead of compromising that girl’s future. Apparently, it’s not love.


    • In his defense, he tried to fight his feelings but in the end, they were just too strong. I agree with you that he should have transferred to another school. Like him, the girl is also aware that if their relationship is discovered it could mean trouble for both of them. She could have ended it if she wanted to, but like him, she didn’t want to. Hopefully, no one will find out about them and after she graduates, they can see each other openly. They will only have her parents to deal with.


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