Two Different Worlds

“I’m thinking of breaking up with Josiah,” Phyllis said to her friend, Veronica when they were having lunch at a cafe close to Veronica’s workplace. Veronica looked surprised.  “Why?” she asked.  “I thought you were really into him.” “I am but, I’m not sure where this relationship is going.  We’ve been seeing each other for … More Two Different Worlds

A Drug Habit

I really didn’t think he meant it this time.  Whenever he broke up with me, he always came back.  He once said that I was like a drug habit he couldn’t kick and that made me feel good because it meant that he needed me. His family and friends never approved of me. They said … More A Drug Habit

Another Bad Day

Dear Diary, I had another BAD day today.  Mom and I got into another one of our huge arguments.  She’s always finding fault with me.  I just can’t seem to do anything right.  I’m sick and tired of this.  Sometimes, I wish I could run away but where would I go?  I can’t stay at … More Another Bad Day

The Roses

“So, who gave you these roses?” Darla asked her friend, Shauna. Shauna froze. She’d forgotten to hide them. She always did whenever Darla came over. “My mother did,” she lied. Darla examined them closely. “They look like real roses with gold edges.” She touched each one. “They’re made out of glass!” “It’s getting late.” “You’re … More The Roses