Love Not Professed


Photo Credit: April Pearson

Love not professed is still love.  It lingers and refuses to go away.   It’s there just below the surface, longing to be expressed but keeping silent for fear of rejection.  No matter how much I wish my love for you away, it clings to my heart stubbornly.   Denying it is futile.  I tried forgetting you but that’s as impossible as trying not to breathe.   My heart’s like a reservoir, overflowing with love for you and nothing short of death will ebb its flow.

I watch you now in your boat.   My heart beats faster as it always does whenever I see you.  I stand there, waiting expectantly.  You step off the boat and smile, making my heart stop.  Although you’re gorgeous, I didn’t fall in love with your looks.  I fell in love with your quiet and gentle spirit.   You’re the perfect guy for me.   I wish I were the perfect girl for you…

You reach me and when I gaze up into your face, I see something unexpected which makes my heart beat faster.   Then, we hug and as I savor the feel of your strong arms about me, I notice the rainbow in the sky.

197 Words

This was written for Sunday Photo Fiction hosted by Susan Spaulding. For more details visit Here.  To read other stories based on this week’s prompt, visit Here.

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