She found him in the shed, sorting through old paint cans.  “I’ve decided to move back to Atlanta.” He turned.  “Just like that.” “What else do you expect me to do?” “I expect you to stay.” “But what about Jamey?” “Stay for his sake.” “When I did the video about choosing life, I didn’t expect … More Choices

Questions for Dad

“Dad, are you and Mom going to get back together?” Miguel asked his father. José shook his head.  “No, mi hijo.” “Why not?” “We don’t love each other anymore.” “Is it because of Juanita?”  Juanita was the woman José was living with.  They met a year ago at a mutual friend’s barbecue. “No.  Things changed … More Questions for Dad

Spilling the Beans

She walked past the store, barely acknowledging the sign outside the store she used to frequent when she was a child.  She was on her way to Michelle’s home to have lunch.  Was he going to be there?  She hoped not.  She was getting tired of fending off his unwanted advances.  How could he think … More Spilling the Beans


He lost his balance and fell over, arms flailing helplessly while others watched in horror.  He landed on the rocks.  Death was instant.  That was a year ago.  The memories and troubled dreams made it feel like it happened yesterday.  She stood in the packed auditorium, watching the young faces, some of them familiar. Taking … More MADS

Off Course

Let your eyes look straight ahead and your sight be focused in front of you – Proverbs 4:25 Years ago my mother, two sisters and I went to the Bahamas. One day we were in the swimming pool and I decided that I would swim from one end to the other. Mind you, I was … More Off Course