Ben’s Vice

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot


Ruth was concerned about her marriage.  Ben and she hardly spent time together and he had become so withdrawn.  After ten years of marriage, they were growing apart and she couldn’t understand why.

She finished getting dressed for church and went into the living-room where Ben was.  “Are you sure you don’t want to come?”

He shook his head.

“Okay, Honey.”  Leaning over, she kissed him on the cheek and then left.

Ten minutes later, he went into the study and switched on the laptop.  The images came up.  Watching them filled him with disgust but he couldn’t help himself.

100 Words

This story was inspired by the true stories of Christian men who are addicted to porn.

This was written for Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  For more details Here.



  1. You’ve written your story clearly and fluently.
    I think it’s time for Ruth to have a difficult conversation with Ben about why he is so withdrawn, why he no longer wishes to go to church, and what the two of them can do to become close again. Ben certainly needs help, but he probably needs help from Ruth in realising it.

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    • Thank you 🙂 And you’re right. It’s time for Ruth to sit down and talk to Ben, get to the heart of the matter. The signs are there so it’s time to address them. Yes, Ben needs help but I think he should come clean with Ruth about his addiction. Maybe he’s afraid of how she would react but it’s clear that she loves him and is very concerned about him and their marriage. I’m sure that she will not shun him or condemn him but reach out to him. Her love and support will help him to take the next step which is to seek help.

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    • Addiction to porn is a problem for many people, even those in the Christian community. Too often the subject is ignored or not addressed enough. Those suffering from this addiction need help and support. Ben doesn’t want to be addicted to porn but he can’t seem to help himself. It’s a vice that has a strong grip on him and it’s affecting his spiritual and marital life. Hopefully, he will come clean with Ruth.

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    • Thanks, Brenda. It is a difficult topic. My heart goes out to those who are suffering from this addiction. And I hope Ben will get the help he needs to fight his addiction and repair his relationship with Ruth. Ruth loves him and I think if he were to tell her what he’s battling, she will not recoil from him or leave him, she will help him. She will give him the love and support he needs.

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