Her New God

Photo by Sue Vincent

She looked at the tree with the scarves, ties and other colorful things draped on the branches and grimaced.  Waste of time.  She saw the items she had put on the tree months ago, believing that the gods would hear her prayers and answer but it was as if they had turned their backs on her.  Her son was still sick.  Nothing worked.  The hospital was too far away and the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him.  And he was growing worse.

“You haven’t tried Me”.  She looked around, wondering who had said that.  She was alone.  She continued walking, chalking it up to imagination when she heard it again.  “You haven’t tried Me”.

Frightened, she asked, “Who are You?”

“I am the God who created the heavens and the earth.”

The Christian God, she thought.  She had heard about Him.  “I have heard stories about You how You parted the Red Sea and sent bread from Heaven.”

“Yes, and I can also heal the sick.”

She paused and looked up.  “Can You heal my son?” she asked.



“All you have to do is to pray and believe that I can do it and I will.”

She thought about it for a moment.  What did she have to lose?  Her son was sick and her gods weren’t answering her desperate cries for help.  At least this God was talking to her and He wanted to heal her son.  She got down on her knees and prostrated herself on the ground, hands clasped above her head, eyes squeezed shut.  She began to pray and as she did, the words just poured from her lips, accompanied by gut wrenching tears as she pleaded for her son’s life.

When she was finished, a peace she had never experienced before in her life came over her.  She got up and wiping her face, she trudged the rest of the way to the village.  When she arrived, her sister ran out to greet her, her face bright with joy.  “Saanvi!  It’s Jayesh,” she cried, unable to speak because she was so excited.

Saanvi frowned,  “What about Jayesh?” she asked.

“He’s recovered,” her sister said, grabbing her hand and pulling her towards thehut.   “The fever left him and he’s awake.  He’s asking for you.”

Overjoyed, Saanvi burst into the hut and when she saw Saanvi sitting up in the bed, she fell to the ground and began to thank the Christian God.  “You are now my God,” she said.  “When the other gods ignored my cries for help, You heard and You spoke to me.  You healed my son.  You’re my God now.”

By the end of the week, all traces of the other gods were gone.  In their place was a Bible which she had gotten from a missionary visiting her village.  And as for the Wishing Tree, she had no more use for it.  She removed the items she had placed on the branches and burned them.

This was written in response to the Thursday Photo Prompt – Wishes for Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo. Click on the link to read other stories inspired by the image.

19 Replies to “Her New God”

  1. That God can heal the sick doesn’t mean he always will. Near where I live a young couple’s child was born prematurely, and they relied only on their faith and chose not to get the baby medical treatment. She died and the couple has now been charged with a crime. I don’t mean to say that faith is ineffective, but as parents, we’re supposed to do all we can for our children. That’s not lack of faith since even with doctors, life and death are up to God.

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    1. You’re right. There are times when we pray for someone’s healing but they end up dying. And there are people who rely on faith only for medical help but God works through doctors as well. Thanks for your thoughts, James. Perhaps I have should put that she had taken him to the hospital or had the doctor examine him but nothing worked.

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    2. I’m so sorry to hear about the couple who lost their baby. In that case, medical help would have been best. It doesn’t show lack of faith when we seek medical help. We’re just covering all of our bases.

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  2. Whatever God speaks to our hearts, we have a responsibility to do all we can as human beings too. As you said in the earlier comment, miracles are worked through doctors every day. I owe my own son’s life to the power of prayer, offered by people of all faiths and none… and to the good ‘Samaritans’ who found him near death in the street, stabbed through the brain, as well as to the hands of the doctors and surgeons who saved him. Miracles happen quietly every day, and whatever their source, I believe the true Source is the same.

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    1. Yes, when we work with God, a lot can be accomplished. I’m sorry to hear about your son but am thankful that he pulled through thanks to God, the good Samaritans and the medical team who all helped to save his life. Yes, miracles happen everyday and it’s nice when we can hear or read about them, especially when sometimes we are overwhelmed with stories of violence and suffering when we watch the news. I hope that the perpetrators who attacked your son were or will be found and brought to justice.


      1. It happened nine years ago. The young man who did it was caught, served jail time and has been released. My son was left disabled and with his sight badlyy damaged… but he wouldn’t change a thing as he has learned to appreciate life in a way he never did before 🙂

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      2. I’m relieved to hear that the perpetrator was caught and has served his time. I hope he is reformed. Like your son, we should all appreciate life because it is so precious and temporary. It’s like a vapor.


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