Two years ago, handsome businessman, Akio Hitoshi met Mirembe, an African woman who fled her country to seek refugee status in Japan.  When he learned that she wasn’t allowed to work and had no money, he hired her to be his housekeeper.  It was a very good arrangement for both of them.  He spent more time at his apartment in Tokyo, enjoying her cooking and her company.  Soon feelings began to develop between them and they became romantically involved.

Mirembe turned off the faucet when she heard the doorbell.  A beautiful and mature Japanese woman stood there.  “You are Mirembe?” she asked in English.

“Yes, and you’re…?”

“Mrs. Hitoshi, Akio’s wife.”

When Akio let himself into the apartment she was waiting for him.  He froze when he saw her. “Meiko.”

“Your lover is gone.”

“Where?” he asked, frantic.

“That’s not your concern.”

“How did you–?”

“Find out about her?  I have my sources.”


“…is out of your life permanently.”

He slumped against the wall.

Mirembe stood outside the apartment.  I’m still here, Akio.



175 words

This was written as part of Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and is based on the above photo prompt.  For more information visit Here.

If you would like to read other stories based on this week’s prompt, please visit Here.

18 Replies to “Mirembe”

  1. Sounds complicated. It’s a relationship when the man and woman are unattached. But it’s an affair when the man and/or the woman is attached or married to someone else.
    No one should be having an affair. It’s selfish and disrespectful.
    And Mirembe should walk away and never look back.

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    1. I agree. It’s never wise to have an affair with someone who is married, although in Mirembe’s case she didn’t know that he was married but once she found out, she could have walked away but she’s still hanging around. Sometimes, people choose love over what’s right. Maybe she’s hoping that he will leave his wife but what if the wife refuses to divorce him–what then? You’re right. Love is not selfish and doesn’t insist in having its own way but does what’s right and honorable.

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  2. I guess married men are subconsciously aware, that the ‘other’ woman they want, will flay them if she knows they are married.
    So they lie. By the time the truth comes out the woman is already invested and attached, so much so, that letting go becomes difficult.
    But the true test of a person’s character, is their ability to do the right thing when it’s killing them — literarily or figuratively.
    Anyone can swear to never do the wrong thing, but if they buckle when it becomes tough, then they lack character.
    It’s tough, but it’s that simple.

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  3. Well written. I enjoyed this. You are right. What a rotten situation to be in (for the lovely woman standing outside the door). If he married for money, not love, then he obviously made his bed as they say. Hurting another is unconscionable! Especially when they are already vulnerable. So well written, I really got into this 🙂

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      1. It was a thought I had. Irregardless, I personally would tell him to hit the road. He’s not trustworthy. If a person cheats once, they’ll cheat again. They are never truly satisfied. That’s my own personal take on cheating. Just saying.

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    1. You’re right, it’s not a good situation for either woman. The decent thing for Akio to do is to forget about Mirembe and remain faithful to his wife if she decides she still wants him. He could very well end up alone.

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