The Plight

She sat on the plane, heartbroken

the faces of the girls she photographed

etched on her mind.  Child brides.  Girls

married off as young as eight.  She knew

child marriage existed in India but now

it was there in front of her face.


A photojournalist living in Nepal, she traveled

back and forth between there and New Delhi,

using her camera to tell about the plight of young

girls forced into marriage due to poverty

and lack of education. Mothers, former child

brides themselves saw their daughters doomed

to the same fate because of lack of viable



Girls too young to get married or to

have kids were forced to become women

before their time. How she wished she

could do more.  She sighed, looking out

at the overcast sky.  For now she would

continue to turn her lens on the communities

where this practice continued to flourish.


149 words

This was written in response to the flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers.   For more information, click HERE.

Source:  National Geographic

10 thoughts on “The Plight

  1. I often feel photojournalism isn’t as powerful as it used to be, probably because there are so many images on the internet these days, but every so often a photo comes along that really makes a difference. Good take.

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    1. Yes, it’s very sad. These girls are robbed of their innocence. They are taken out of schools when having an education is the best and probably the only solution to fighting poverty. I hope that someone or some organization will put an end to this practice. Thank you! I’m thrilled to be a part of this challenge.


      1. It’s hard to believe that such things are happening in North America as well. Children should be allowed to be children. There’s plenty of time for them to grow and marry when they are ready and of age.


      2. Fortunately, this particular religious cult was shut down. It is against the law to marry a child in the U.S. I agree with you. Children should be children and should not be marrying.


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